AOP Monarch Online Homeschool Curriculum Review

by Robin
(Flower Mound, TX)

Monarch Online Homeschool Curriculm

Monarch Online Homeschool Curriculm

We just began using Monarch online homeschool curriculum from Alpha Omega. I've seen some negatives reviews so felt compelled to write one myself.

We have had a positive experience with my 3rd and 4th Grade students. We started using Monarch for Language Arts only on the 3rd/4th grade levels. I am cautious with new curriculum so like to start with one subject before diving in with the full curriculum.

This curriculum is versatile- we can access it from anywhere there's a computer. My kids really enjoy it. They look forward to doing their assignments!! (CRAZY KIDS...LOL)

I can see why maybe this curriculum wouldn't work for some- but have not experienced any of glitches that others have spoken of and have received good customer service.

My 7 and 9 year old...signed in to get their assignments and were up and running with very little assistance from me. (for those who said it was difficult to use...we just didn't have that same experience at all)

We are going to add more subjects since Language arts has been a hit. I personally,am mixing MONARCH with other curriculum just so it's not ALL computer work right now. But as they get older i can see us using all 5 subjects plus electives.

I found the teacher section of the website fairly easy to use. It could have less steps- easier set up to get to what you want, but it's not difficult, just a few more steps than probably necessary to get the information you want. They offer webinars to help you and online support if you have questions. I think Monarch is a great curriculum and good fit for our traveling family. We will continue to utilize it for our homeschooling.

Robin, thanks for the positive Monarch online homeschool curriculum review. I appreciate you taking the time to share how AOP's newest curriculum addition is working for your family. I think other parents will find your experience and insight very helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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Comments for AOP Monarch Online Homeschool Curriculum Review

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Mar 24, 2011
by: Fore

I too started using it. I thought I would let my daughter do religion class just to test it out. She really likes it! We are going to be doing Language arts for both of my kids in the fall. The downside is the price. Wish is was just a little cheaper:)

Aug 29, 2011
NO REFUND POLICY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Before you buy this product, you better be darn sure it will work for you, because you will have just wasted your money if it does not. Yet, how does one really know without trying, and why doesn't AOP offer a trial period? I just spent $90 on 8th grade Language Arts and at the end of it, my daughter was in tears.

She watched the sample lesson, and it seemed fine to her. She was really wanting to do as much school on her computer as possible. Yet when she actually went to do the very first lesson, it was a lot harder than the one she had watched. This is quite simply not her learning style, and after just one lesson, we may have lost $90.

I called AOP within an hour of purchase to find out about a refund. The person I spoke with, Ella, said she needed to give my information to Jan, and someone would get back to me at some unknown time.

I called my bank about disputing the charge, but I hope I don't really have to follow through with that. I spent plenty of money with AOP over the years for other products for my older student. I hope they don't stick me for attempting their new product.

There are some good reviews of this product, so I am not telling you not to buy it. I'm just warning you that there is a no refund policy, so buyer beware.

Aug 31, 2011
Update to My Previous Post
by: Jennifer Suchey

I just spoke with Jan at AOP. She offered me two options. One was to exchange for other curriculum, which doesn't work for us, or an 80% refund. I was surprised and took the 80% refund without argument.

I also told her they should seriously consider offering a trial period and they might gain more customers that way. I certainly would have been less hesitant to purchase it if there was a trial period with a money back guarantee, and if I liked it, they'd have a customer. In my case, it didn't work, but it could work for a lot of people who are afraid to risk losing their money.

In short, this product didn't work for us, seems to work well for others, their customer service was friendly and, even though they clearly state no refunds for Monarch, they did offer me an exchange for other product or 80% refund. (I did have to call back two days after my initial call and ask for Jan before anything was resolved.)

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