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EZTales.com is the worldwide leading producer of on-line animated books for children. Their mission is to make learning to read fun for young readers and... young readers! Ok, maybe their parents too, but mostly for young readers!

Sample an EZTales.com Now!

EZTales wants your kids to LOVE reading! You will find over 1,000 online children's books, story songs, games and puzzles to help your homeschooling kids discover the joys of learning to read.

Their engaging website offers a wonderful educational home schooling experience for kids ages 2-8.

EZTales.com was created by educators to excite kids about learning to read with engaging visual stimulation, colorful illustrations, animation, voices, music and sound effects.

Homeschooling Special Needs Children?

It's easy to follow along because the words highlight as the books are read-aloud making them a great supplement to your home schooling library. They work extremely well for kids who have special needs as well.

Learning to Read Can be Fun!

Hundreds of schools, as well as educators and home schooling parents subscribe to their theory that learning to read can be fun.

Through EZTales' interactive books, you can now read with your kids by simply clicking on a book cover and behold; the story comes to animated life!

There are over 1,000 award winning books, story songs, games and puzzles to capture the imagination of young children.

Subscribers can access their books from anywhere, at anytime, all day, every day wherever there is an internet connection.

Homeschool Reading Supplement

EZTales supplements any homeschool reading curriculum or program. I am currently teaching our youngest (boy) how to read and I'm always on the lookout for engaging books and fun ways to get him to practice his reading. He loves going on the computer, but I don't like him to waste his time playing mindless games. EZTales.com is fun, educational and will improve his reading!

"As a home school teacher, it's important for me to know my kids are actually learning something from a website. EZTales has been a great addition to my early childhood literacy curriculum in the home."

A Treasure Chest of Books, Songs and More!

EZTales just did a complete overhaul of their website with the help of a some former Disney employees... and voila! Your kids will get their very own treasure island! They encourage children to read more books by rewarding them with their very own Island... they name it, add the characters, save it, change it and share it!

A subscription is affordable too - just $19.99 for 12 months of access to a growing treasure chest of over 1,000 animated books, songs, puzzles and more! They also offer a one-week free trial, so you can try, before you buy!

Sample an EZTales Animated Book

Preview the book "Three Letters" below

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