An Excellent Reason for Homeschooling

by Leslie
(Chugiak, AK)

Another Reason for Homeschooling

Another Reason for Homeschooling

Not sure if you can homeschool your child/ren? A shocked grandmother shares another excellent reason for homeschooling...

I have been homeschooling my grandchildren for the past three years. Unfortunately, my learning disabled granddaughter had to return to the public school system this year. She has been struggling with 4th and 5th grade work, she can do very little of the 5th grade curriculum, and I have tried several different programs.

Incredibly, the public school system has tested her and declared her a COMPETENT 6th grade student. I can't believe my ears. I knew there were a lot of problems with the public system, but this is unbelievable!! Please, anyone who is having doubts, HOMESCHOOL your students if you want them to have an education. You need no special training, if you can read, add and subtract you can do a better job than the public schools are doing!!

Yay!! What a wonderful testimonial, Leslie; thanks for sharing! Blessings, Heather :)

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