Alpha Omega New MONARCH Online Homeschool Curriculum

by Julie
(Sacramento, CA)

Dynamic  and Interactive? Just Text!

Dynamic and Interactive? Just Text!

I was sorely disappointed when I purchased the Monarch online homeschool curriculum from AOP. I was told it was interactive, dynamic engaging curriculum that was God centered.

Wow, was I surprised! It's no more than a page of text - that's hard to navigate for a third grader.

I wonder, was I expecting too much? We are used to K12 curriculum w/ stories, animations easy to turn "pages" and we have been using which is so engaging I actually have to pull the kids off (w/ groans of disappointment).

Monarch (the online Mac compatible version of SOS) leaves so much to be desired if it is really a reflection of Christian curriculum I will just stick to text books.

Julie, thanks so much for posting your experience with AOP's new online homeschool curriculum. I appreciate your thoughts and I'm sure other home educators will find them helpful too. It's interesting that some like it, while others do not. Perhaps those who like it have nothing to compare it to? Not sure...

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Comments for Alpha Omega New MONARCH Online Homeschool Curriculum

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Jun 29, 2010
Hard to beat Time4Learning
by: Kel

I felt the same way when I looked at Monarch, but my kids have been using Time4Learning for several years now. Time4Learning is a tough act to follow if you're looking for interactive and FUN. There are some text based lessons on Time4Learning, too, but there's a good mix of lesson formats. Monarch is all the same kind of dry, boring text, with the occasional, obligatory clickable link. My kids would be snoring in no time.

Jul 01, 2010
by: Julie

Even though I was sorely disappointed with their product, their customer service was EXCELLENT and understanding in my concern. I expected a fight to get a credit or refund for the product I couldn't use. But instead I got a kind customer service rep who gave me a direct line and email address to communicate with her. Its obvious that they released the Monarch series TOO SOON. With this type of customer service I am more than willing to give their product a try for my younger children (in a couple years from now). When they have worked out all the kinks.

Aug 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

I signed up for the high school monarch courses for my daughter. Boring and hard to navigate for both of us. Plus there were several problems that we were unable to access. Also there were quite a few problems with the tenth grade english - we were unable to get a correct score for the sentence diagrams. You can go in and change the grade but it wasn't the instant feed back. We are going to finish this course and then using Life Pac again.

Aug 26, 2010
I agree
by: Anonymous

Very dissapponted in this program. Within a week my kids figured out they could not read the lesson but look up the questions and answer them. They needed to take notes because there is no highligting tool. It was very little text for them to read. It would go down . It was BUSY work. Like my son had an assignment one day to write all the states and their FLOWERS. What why would he have to do all that work for Science Lesson. Not an English lesson.

Nov 15, 2010
Very disappointed!
by: Anonymous

Not the program we were expecting. Now, thinking of just buying another curriculum for both of my children. What a waste of money! I DO NOT recommend this program. We should all be able to get a refund.

Aug 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Not as interactive as we thought it would be and passed the 60 day for any sort of refund. The only thing we can do is exchange it for something different in the AOP catalog. DISAPPOINTING

Aug 29, 2011
by: Jennifer

You can exchange it? I just got off the phone with with a rep that said there was no trial period, no refund and made no mention of exchange. (I didn't think to ask about an exchange.)

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