Alpha Omega LIFEPACs Review

by Rachel
(Nashville, TN, USA)

Alpha Omega LIFEPACs

Alpha Omega LIFEPACs

I have been using Alpha Omega LIFEPACs Math and Language Arts curriculum for my three children for the last 6 years. I chose this curriculum because of how affordable it has been for our family. The grades I've taught the Math curriculum have been grades K-5th and I am very impressed with how my children are mastering their math work. The curriculum constantly reviews as it introduces new skills. I LOVE IT!

I am a former public school elementary teacher and believe me when I tell you, you will get the most out of this program by sticking with it for as long as possible (our plan is till 12th grade). Each year reviews from previous years of learning to ensure there aren't any gaps in learning, which is the major problem with public schools that switch curriculums every few years!

AOP LIFEPACs Math curriculum is mostly sit down work, but in the end that's how math is learned, pencil and paper! I have had to add a math fact learning program online (Reflex Math - Awesome!) to help with learning math facts with my slower learners. But the constant repetition and review has made this very helpful to my children that struggle with math. I also don't have to worry that if they don't fully grasp a new skill, that they will get behind because I know that they will be reviewing over and over again in the months/years to come as I stick with the curriculum.

The Language Arts program is a good start and I've used K-5th grade as well. The grammar, reading and comprehension portions are strong. The writing and spelling are ok but after only using this Language Arts program, I realize that they need more instruction with writing. This coming year I have decided to go with a separate spelling program and writing program, but will continue to teach from these books the grammar, reading, and comprehension portions of LIFEPAC because they also do the constant review of skills that I like so much about LIFEPACS.

Hi Rachel,
Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with Alpha Omega LIFEPACs, specifically their language arts and math curriculum. Although we used AOP's language arts for most of middle school and high school, we never used their math program. I found your comments very helpful and informative. Blessings, Heather :)

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