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Nothing quite compares to Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum when it comes to affordability and ease of use.

Alpha Omega, a leader in the homeschool movement since 1977, provides cost-saving award-winning homeschooling products, for your family.

Alpha Omega Publications (AOP) offers a wide variety of quality Christian curriculum, products and services for your family.

Whether you enjoy hands-on learning, prefer a more traditional approach or need an easy, hands-free solution, AOP offers it all.

Hands-on Horizons

Horizons is an activity-based curriculum with workbooks and hands-on lessons. The fun and motivating lessons will foster the love of learning in any PreK-12 student, but works especially well for grades PreK-6th.

Horizons utilizes the "spiral learning" method. Through a process of introduction, review, and reinforcement students learn difficult concepts quicker than other programs.

AOP's new Horizons Homeschool Preschool curriculum provides a perfect way for you to begin to guide your child in learning about the world around them.

Award-winning LifePac Courses

alpha omega homeschool curriculum

Alpha Omega LifePacs provide busy families a perfect way to homeschool their children without all the fuss of traditional curriculum.

Each grade level consists of five core subjects, but you buy single courses that easily go along with other types of curriculum you select for your child.

(For example, our core curriculum the past few years has been AOP's LifePacs, yet we have continued to use another math program that works well for our family.)

alpha omega homeschool The LifePacs uses a principle called mastery learning. Through daily lessons, quizzes, projects and review questions, your child truly masters the concepts before moving on.

Each course comes with ten "units" that makes homeschooling so easy. No matter if you are on the go, or at home, your child has everything they need to learn independently.

The small bite-sized "worktexts" eliminate the overwhelming feeling that can occur when a student sees a large textbook. Your child can do their work easily, without having to tote around heavy textbooks, perfect for busy schedules or families on the go!

AOP also offer a variety of electives that you can choose from for middle school and high school students.

Alpha Omega Homeschool Software

AOP's award-winning curriculum is also available on software for students who learn better through stimulating, interactive multi-media. Definitely not boring, yet the Switched On Schoolhouse curriculum offers the same quality education you will find in AOP's more traditional products.

If your child needs a stimulating atmosphere to foster a love of learning, or you need convenient, hands-free materials, computer based homeschooling with AOP's SOS software, provides the perfect solution.

AOP's Unit Study Curriculum

AOP's Weaver Curriculum is a K-12 hands-on unit study program that you can use with all your children. Using the bible as the foundation of the curriculum, each subject branches off from there and are connected to each other. Subjects include: social studies, science, language arts, and more.

Homeschooling your family through unit studies is a great way to save time and stream-line your teaching efforts.

Alpha Omega Homeschool Academy and Help

Other homeschooling services provided by AOP, include an online accredited homeschool academy, tutoring services and free placement tests. From tutoring to overseeing your homeschool administration, AOP can assist you with all your homeschool needs.

Well there you have it. Alpha Omega homeschool options for affordable and easy homeschooling.

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Why I Love AOP!

During a difficult time in my life, Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum provided a way for our family to continue to homeschool amidst life's unforeseen and unexpected circumstances.

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AOP's New Online Homeschool Curriculum

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Alpha Omega Academy for Harried Homeschoolers

Got homeschool headaches? Find relief through Alpha Omega Academy! Affordable distance learning services plus award-winning curriculum equals stress-free Alpha Omega homeschooling!

Hands-free Homeschooling...

If you want an even more hands-free option and your kids would enjoy computer based homeschooling, Alpha Omega's Switched-On Schoolhouse software may be the perfect option for you.

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AOP's Horizons Curriculum

Find samples of Alpha Omega's engaging Horizons curriculum; try before you buy!

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