Alpha Omega Homeschool LIFEPAC 4th Grade

by Bettina

Alpha Omega Homeschool 4th Grade

Alpha Omega Homeschool 4th Grade

Homeschooling mom shares her experience with Alpha Omega homeschool LIFEPAC 4th grade curriculum; read her helpful review...

Why do you like this curriculum/course?
Overall we enjoy Alpha and Omega Lifepac curriculum, we have all 5 main subjects offered (Math, Science, Language Arts, Bible and History).
It consists of a LOT of bookwork with very little hands-on activities. The educational aspects are amazing but I would not recommend this curriculum if your child is a hands on learner like mine is. We will not likely use this again next year because we prefer hands on. However, I do want to state once again that this is a wonderful, bible-based curriculum and I love that about it! If your child does well with mostly workbooks or if you are good with coming up with supplemental activities, then this is absolutely the way to go!

How long have you used it?
We have used this curriculum for about a year.

What grades did you use it for?
We use this curriculum for fourth grade, it does seem a little "behind" for her but she is also a little advanced so it is very hard for me to determine if it is the curriculum or my daughter.

What do you like most about it?
It has a very strong biblical foundation!

Is it affordable? Why?
Ummm, it depends on what you consider as "affordable"! For everything needed for fourth grade (10 workbooks for each subject plus teachers guides) it cost about $260 when I purchased through Amazon.

Do you have any cost-cutting tips, etc. to share when using this curriculum?
Not at the moment.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help other parents learn more about Alpha Omega LIFEPAC curriculum. I agree with your comments about it not being the greatest fit for hands-on learners. Some kids LOVE workbooks, while others learn better with less seatwork-intensive curriculum. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated and helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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Feb 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

I use LIFEPAC with my 9th grader son and he loves it. I think that this curriculum might be better for an older learner.

Mar 19, 2014
questions about lifepac
by: Anonymous

I am using lifepac currently for grade k. I like the math and language; there was no science or social studies, so I found other materials I liked and tweaked for our use. But now I'm concerned about starting grade 1 lifepacs in science and history/geography. I looked over them on and the contents of the history are sad compared to what we learned this year in k! Nearly the whole year is "I am special, God loves me, and I need to learn manners and express my feelings." The science seems below my child's level, also (I used Pearson interactive this year and content was great). I like the lifepac series, but I'm not sure whether to just upgrade to grade 2 or find another curriculum? (I like how the biblical info is weaved throughout the series, but I don't need that. I can teach him about God on my own.)
Thanks for any insight.

Mar 19, 2014
Re: Questions about Lifepac
by: Heather (site owner)

We used LIFEPACs for quite a few years - for a few subjects when my two oldest were in middle school, and again during the high school years.

The beauty of homeschooling, is that you can tailor your child's education to meet their individual needs, or focus more on what you want them to learn.

AOP has placement tests. You can use them to see where your child will fit within their curriculum. Or.... if you want to skip to the second grade because you think the first grade is too easy, or contains material you can cover elsewhere, just do it! If I find my child is bored because their work is too easy, we skip ahead until they are more challenged.

I hope this helps!
Heather :)

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