Alpha Omega Homeschool Curriculum LifePacs Review

by Yvonne Fredericks
(St. Paul, TX, U.S.A)

Alpha Omega Homeschool Curriculum Review

Alpha Omega Homeschool Curriculum Review

Perfect for first time homeschool teachers, Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum offers affordable, easy-to-use materials for students of all ages and learning abilities...

I started using Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum (the Lifepacs) with my oldest at the Kindergarten level four years ago. I use all five core subjects: Bible (nondenominational), Language Arts (includes spelling), Math, Science, and History/Geography. As your child advances, other subjects are available as well. They also sell a placement test pack that you use to figure out where to start your child with their curriculum.

Their curriculum is especially good for new homeschool teachers. It is laid out in such a manner that they tell you exactly what you need to say and do to help each child. Their curriculum is set up to handle kids from the lower to honors level without having to buy separate books. This is great for me as I have one child that is very gifted, one normal child, and one child that really struggles with reading and Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum works for all of them. I also like that the teachers manuals can be used for more than just the year they are purchased, as my kids are one year apart I have been able to reuse the K manuals for all three kids.

I have found it
to be affordable. I homeschool three kids and to buy everything for the entire school year costs me $500 including supplies and shipping, about $45 per subject/child. The year is set up for each subject into ten disposable student workbooks with each workbook taking 15-18 school days to complete. I love that if a child doesn’t pass a workbook, I can buy just that workbook. You also get discounts if you purchase sets. The placement test pack also helps you figure out where your child is with their curriculum, so you don't waist money on stuff you don't need.

To help with cost, AOP runs specials throughout the year. I always buy my next year supplies the April before when they run their 20% off for the month. They also run 10-15% off deals periodically during the year.

So far I have used grade K, 1, 2, and 3. I have been using it for four years counting this year and my kids and I love it.

Yvonne, thanks for the great review of Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum! I love all the details you gave; I'm sure they will be very helpful to others who are looking into AOP, specifically the Lifepacs. Thanks also for the great money-saving tips – we LOVE those! :) To your homeschool success and savings, Heather

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