"All the World's A Stage" in Our Homeschool Classroom!

by Michelle Larsen

Now playing in our homeschool classroom...

Now playing in our homeschool classroom...

When my girls' get antsy in our homeschool room, instead of pulling my hair out or getting frustrated with the inattention; I take a clue and get my sweet daughters up and active.

I put one in charge of designing an exercise program for the next 15 minutes and then have the other darling put on a a theatrical event.

Monologues or dialogues are allowed and there we are putting on a play. The subject may even be from a lesson we just learned!

Children's behavior can be a tell all! Teacher needs a break too! Why not make it fun?

Enjoy your little ones and big ones, it is such a flash in time.

Sincerely, Michelle

Great reminder and tips, Michelle! Time does go by so fast.

If you have other older children, grab the digital recorder for some additional learning and hands-on experience.

Your kids will love watching themselves and remembering some funny and wonderful memories while "doing" school at home!"

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