All American History: Middle School Homeschool History Curriculum

by Tammy C
(Norfolk, VA)

Great Homeschool History Curriculum

Great Homeschool History Curriculum

We moved to VA and wanted to give our children knowledge of battle sites before they got there. So I searched diligently for an American History curriculum for 4th and 6th grade. What I found instead was a GREAT curriculum geared toward middle school.

I had a student activity book that included a worksheet, map and review of each lesson. The unit tests are also included.

The text looks to be very inclusive. Volume one includes Explorers - Jacksonians. Voume two includes The Civil War - the 21st century.

We are excited to jump into learning about the history of our great nation!

Yay for finding the perfect product for your homeschooling... pupils! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) Enjoy living in VA and learning about the history of our great nation. Blessings, Heather :)

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Homeschool History Curriculum: All American History

by Pam

Homeschool History Curriculum for All Ages

Homeschool History Curriculum for All Ages

I love, love, love this homeschool history curriculum. Our homeschool co-op chose this curriculum for its ease of use and in depth look at American History. We took one year for each book incorporating a timeline and expansion activities. Our co-op includes 3-12th grade children. They all participated and put great effort into the projects. Interest was high with this curriculum.

All the moms loved the teacher's guide & answer text as it provided further activities as well as book and movie suggestions to round out the experience. We were able to assign books to incorporate reading and writing assignments into our history thus killing two birds (subjects) with one stone (teaching period). We also assigned art/craft projects and public speaking assignments.

One of the art/craft projects especially remembered was the 4-D depiction of a civil war battle in the student's chosen medium. We had depictions in farm model style, edible candy depictions, cakes, etc. They had fun & learned alot. The high school students presented a mock round table debate of the topic open range vs. fencing (a debate still alive today in some regions of the U.S.).

The one short coming of this curriculum is the lack of tests and quizzes. We used the Unit reviews as quizzes and tests. Since the units cover eight chapters (8 weeks of material), we chose items from the reviews on which to place special emphasis by having the students create flashcards for this material and other items we felt were important to remember. States and capitals as well as order of the presidents are included in this homeschool history curriculum. All American History has sections in the teacher's guide devoted to each grade level thus allowing the whole family to learn together.

I give this homeschool history curriculum 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Pam, I give you 4.5 out of 5 stars on your homeschool curriculum review! :) Excellent review - thanks for sharing about All American History curriculum and how it worked for your co-op. Blessings, Heather

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