All About Spelling Homeschool Spelling Review

by Stephanie Sparks
(Bartlesville, OK)

Homeschool Spelling Program: All About Spelling

Homeschool Spelling Program: All About Spelling

Homeschool Spelling Review: Turn your spelling-hater into a spelling-lover with this multi-sensory homeschooling program...

Many spelling books offer lists of words to memorize with reference to a rule that each of the words follows. The activities for the week usually involve re-writing the word several times in hopes that the child will memorize the list. My daughter struggled to memorize lists of words, and then would forget previous words when given a new list.

All About Spelling takes a different approach. The child learns basic rules for spelling, with plenty of review. Students learn that most words follow rules. The program comes with a teacher's guide, 3x5 cards with dividers, letter tiles, and charts. The cards include phonogram cards (flashcards), sound cards (for dictating sounds), Key card (which introduce spelling rules), and word cards (for practicing the new rule).

Every lesson introduces a rule. The student takes as long as she needs to learn the rule, and then moves to the next lesson when she's ready. The teacher's guide lists the materials needed for each day's lesson, and then takes the instructor step-by-step through the lesson plan for the day. Students build words with the letter tiles, and then write the words.

I love this homeschool spelling program because it is self-paced. I can make sure my daughter really learns a concept before we go to the next one. If I notice that she is forgetting to apply a rule we've already covered, I pull out those cards from my file box and add them to my review pile. We spend about 5 minutes reviewing, and about 15 minutes working on new material. She also enjoys writing the dictation phrases and sentences at the end of each lesson. Spelling is now my daughter's favorite subject!

What a great review and testimonial for All About Spelling, Stephanie! I have never heard of this homeschool spelling program before and I'm so glad you wrote about it. Thanks so much! Blessings, Heather :)

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All About Spelling Homeschool Review: Level 1

by mkveer

All About Spelling Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

All About Spelling Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

New homeschooling mom shares an informative review of All About Spelling homeschool spelling curriculum...

I am fairly new to home schooling and found this great spelling curriculum called All About Spelling. It is hands on learning that involves multisensory learning. It has index sized cards with phonograms, sounds, key ideas, and words. All About Spelling is very well organized. My greatest compliment to this program is the organization.

The teacher's manual has step-by-step instructions, which is great for me, because I would not feel comfortable setting up my own lessons.

It also comes with a CD-ROM to be used with some of the lessons along with magnetic cards with phonograms on them and a great chart to mark your child's progress.

I felt that All About Spelling was a good investment, that did not cost an arm and a leg. I did not buy the "delux" kit, but rather purchased my own index card box and a three ring binder. I ordered the basic interactive kit that had the CD-ROM, magnetic tiles, and index card dividers for about $30 plus the teacher's kit for $30 which had the teacher's manual and the student kit in it.

We started out with level 1 for our first grader and then you can move along as fast or as slow as you need to. If your child gets through the concepts quickly then just go onto the next level. I have not purchased the pre school kit but I may do that for our 4 year old as well!

Excellent review of All About Spelling! Thanks for helping other parents learn more about this homeschool spelling curriculum! Blessings, Heather :)

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All About Spelling Homeschooling Review

by Kelly
(Naperville, IL)

Looking for an easy-to-use homeschooling spelling program? Homeschooling mom and editor highly recommends "All About Spelling"; read her review...

I have used "All About Spelling" levels one and two so far. It takes a little bit of prep time to get everything punched out and ready to use, but after the initial work, this program is super easy to use. It is very well organized, and it makes sense. There are a number of rules introduced along the way, and some of them were new to me! There are words we spell certain ways that I've always taken for granted (and I'm an editor!), but I had never heard the rules articulated this way.

For a pretty reasonable investment (about $30 for each level and a one-time purchase of the manipulatives) you get a great program that is easy to understand and very well done. I purchased one set for each level and have reused the first set for another child without any problems. If you plan to use the cards for several kids, I do recommend laminating the cards.

Thanks for the "All About Spelling" homeschool review, Kelly! Other parents looking for an easy-to-use homeschooling spelling curriculum will definitely find your thoughts helpful. Blessings, Heather :)

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