Affordable Online Illinois Homeschooling Help

by Cora
(Neoga, Illinois, U.S.)

I'm a 12 year old 7th grade student in public school and i hate it. I'm a very bright child so i catch on to the lessons really quickly. I get bored in every class and need more of a challenge. i live in a very small town and don't want to transfer schools. my school doesn't offer much of a challenge. i want to be homeschooled and my mom really wants to home school me but 1) i don't want to lose my friends and spend 24/7 with my mom like a loser and 2) my parent are kind of having trouble with money cause my dad just started his own business and mom doesn't have a job so they can't afford to home school me online. is there anything i can do or is there something online to help with this?

Hi Cora,
First, I want to commend you on taking initiative in regards to your education; you are growing into a very responsible young woman. :)

As for your points:
1) Some school districts allow homeschoolers to take some classes like gym, art, etc. This may be of interest to you. If not, there is always time after school and on weekends to connect with your friends. If your friends are truly friends, they will be there for you whether you are homeschooled or not.

My 17yo's best friend goes to public school and they have remained best friends all the way through elementary, middle and high school even though my daughter was homeschooled and never went to public school.

Spending time with your mom or your parents doesn't mean you are a loser. I love spending time with my kids, especially my teens and I think they like
to spend time with me. We are not together 24/7, although we are together more than typical families. We have time away from each other - my daughter enjoys going out with her friends and all the things other teens enjoy. Homeschooling allows you the flexibility to school around your interests. You will find, if you are diligent and get your work done during the day, you will have more time than your public school friends. When they have free time, you will too.

2) You can tell your mom that homeschooling doesn't cost that much; there are many affordable materials and programs to choose from. You can find lots of used curriculum and resources online and at used homeschool book sales.

Per Illinois Homeschool Laws:
"Education Tax Credit Available to Homeschools in Illinois: Illinois law allows homeschool families a tax credit for educational expenses under certain circumstances. For more information, see:
and" You can find this info, along with a summary of your laws compliments of HSLDA: Illinois Homeschooling Laws.

If you area specifically looking for an online program, here are a few suggestions that you can check out:

Amleside Online
This is a free website with K-12 curriculum based on the Charlotte Mason method.

American School
Offers both online and offline courses - it isn't free, but it is very affordable.

Time 4 Learning
Time4Learning isn't free, but again it is affordable and it is an online program.

Khan Academy
You will find over 128,000,000 online video lessons on all sorts of subjects from Math to History; it's free too!

Heather :)

Do you have any other affordable online options for Illinois homeschooling families? Please share them by using the link below...

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