Affordable Homeschooling Secrets

Looking for affordable homeschooling ideas? You're not alone!

Because we have chosen to stay home to raise and homeschool our children, the pressure to live within a budget is a common concern for many budget-conscious families.

When choosing to homeschool, most families also choose to give up second incomes and careers, entering the world of one-income living.

Living on one income isn't easy in today's economy, and is easier for some people than others.

But we all can do it!

Although it may take some adjustment, especially if you are used to living on two incomes, you can successfully homeschool your children while living on one.

Finding affordable homeschooling solutions is not only important, it's a necessity!

Living on one income takes some careful planning and a little creativity, especially with gas and food prices soaring, and today's economic changes.

But have no fear! There is a wealth of affordable homeschooling opportunities available to your family, so you can provide the best education possible for your children while still living within your budget.

Multi-age Homeschool Curriculum

Using curriculum designed specifically for multi-aged learning is a money AND time-saving solution.

Activities, lessons and projects are usually split up according to grade level or age, and ideas are given to help you know what to focus on with each child.

Kids love learning like this too. Hands-on projects, family reading, and a more relaxed homeschooling style, works well with many families.

Throughout the elementary school years, our family schools using homeschool unit studies. Sometimes I think I have more fun than my kids! :) I certainly have learned a thing or two about history - a subject I struggled with and found extremely boring, while I was in school!

When homeschooling your children together, teach to the oldest and modify what the younger children do. It is amazing what your younger children will pick up as you focus on the older ones!

Sell Used Items Quickly

Sell any curriculum you will not use again, as soon as you are done with it.

Keeping unused or unwanted used home school curriculum and resources around the house not only increases clutter and limits available storage space, they depreciate in value!

Publishing companies update textbooks, teacher’s manuals and workbooks periodically. Once a new edition is released, it’s hard to find all the components for previous editions.

For example I have the first through third grade teacher manuals for a popular homeschool math curriculum sitting in a storage box, in my basement that I intend on using for my younger children.

However, the company could update their math program, discontinue the older version leaving me with teacher’s manuals with no workbooks to match.

Since I have a pretty big gap in the ages of my children, I could sell everything, so another family can use it with the still available workbooks.

Or...since I am planning on continuing educating my children at home I could also purchase the workbooks now, if I have the extra money, and have a complete set ready to use when needed.

What should I have done?

Sold it long ago to make room in my house, freeing me from the concern and putting some extra money in my pocket to work with, until I need that home school math curriculum again! :)

Know Your Family

Only buy materials you are sure you'll use and know fit your family's needs, learning styles, and teaching preferences.

Before purchasing products for your family, find out how your child learns. There are three main learning styles: auditory, kinesthetic and visual. Younger children almost always learn better kinesthetically, with hands-on projects and activities.

Knowing your child's learning preference, will help you choose the correct products, eliminating wasted money.

What is your teaching preference? Finding resources that you love, find interesting and work for your specific situation help make homeschooling more fun and successful. No one likes to teach something they hate. Make homeschooling interesting for you too!

Get a Library Card

Visit your local library... often!

If you don't already visit the library regularly, when looking for affordable homeschooling opportunities, a true treasure is found within the four walls of your local library.

Free internet access, an abundance of books, fun media kits, engaging dvds, and educational software are available for your use – all for free!

Well, almost free!

Our family has made many a contribution to our public library through overdue late fees.

Reading together while older siblings check out
materials for their homeschool lessons.

Make sure you have a designated place in your home for your library materials to eliminate lost books and minimize overdue fines. A basket, corner, or shelf works great.

My kids have to use our borrowed items in one area of our home. Making them pay their own late fees not only increases their responsibility, it helps enforce the rules, without nagging. If it's late, they pay!

Join a Homeschool Group

Nothing quite compares to the affordable homeschooling opportunities found within home school support groups or co-ops.

When it comes to homeschool support, I am a little biased. I was a homeschool co-op director for over thirteen years, so co-oping is close to my heart for many reasons.

Homeschool co-ops offer affordable enrichment classes. Homeschool support groups also provide a great way to meet other families and enjoy special group savings on field trips and homeschooling activities.

Interacting with other homeschool families is the best way to find affordable homeschooling opportunities, resources and services in your area. If you haven’t found a group yet, maybe now is the time! It's always more fun homeschooling with others!

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