The Advantage of Homeschooling

For each family, the advantage of homeschooling may be different, depending on what is most important to that family. 

There are a myriad of reasons why families choose homeschool. What you value in life plays an important factor in determining what benefits of home education you consider most important.

For me personally, having the freedom to pray, learn about God, and grow in our faith is probably the biggest advantage to homeschooling.

For you, it may be different.

Here some other benefits for you to consider...

1. More Time With Your Kids

Can I say more? A huge advantage of homeschooling is the privilege of spending an abundance of quality time with your children. All too often, in today's society, families are fragmented, kids are gone for most of the day and families spend little time with each other.

2. Personalized Education

I love that I can offer my children an education designed for their unique needs, strengths and weaknesses.

My oldest loves to write books and one year we allowed her to write an historical fiction book for sixth grade. She not only was in her glory, she had to research the geography, make sure that her book was historically accurate and included information about the land, plants, climate, etc. through her scientific study.

She learned about different cultures, religions and how people live.

Every subject was covered and her studies played an important roll in the creation of her book. What a way to learn and definitely an advantage to homeschooling!

3. Work at Your Own Pace

When my oldest daughter was in school, often the teacher would send home notes to the parents after a unit was completed. Most of the time, she told us that although the class had not mastered what was taught, they had to move on. She would request that we continue to work with our children on the previous unit at home.

Sadly, many schools operate like that. Teachers are on a time schedule with no time to wait. Kids get left behind, or concepts are not mastered.

Homeschooling allows you to focus on an area until your child has mastered it.

If that happens in a day or two, great. If you need more time, you have the privilege of working according to your own schedule and at your child’s speed.

4. More Control Over Outside Influences

This is always a hot topic among homeschool critics.

Although critics love to think that homeschooled children are not socialized, the truth is that most homeschool families are extremely involved in the community. Many take enrichment classes, participate in community sports, are involved in clubs and working to make a difference in our society.

As a homeschool parent, you can limit how much time your young children spend outside your home, and have more control over who has direct influence on your child.

When my children participate in their outside activities each week, we are able to take time to discuss problems, people and situations after each encounter.

I want my children to not only have the best education possible but become involved, productive citizens, who get along with and love all people. I don't want to shelter them but want to help them grow, allowing them to mature as they interact with others.

Sometimes they do or say the wrong thing. Many times they interact with people who have different beliefs. The advantage of homeschooling, is that you can take as much time as you need to work through the questions or problems they have and help them find answers.

6. Less Peer Dependency

My homeschooling girlfriends and I went out for coffee this week – for some time away. (Yes, we do like to get away from our kids sometimes!)

It was refreshing to listen to each others stories… to hear how teenage boys would still hug their mom in public or how one young teen girl kissed her mom in a store and then they held hands as they shopped…. you don't see that much!

One thing I have found is that my kids (yes, my teenagers!) actually like their parents and want to spend time with us.

Although we are glad to be with others and get time away, we really do like each other and my teens appreciate being together much of the time.

7. Another Advantage of Homeschooling is Flexibility

Ever wish you could drop everything and go?

Home education allows you the flexibility to not only follow your child's interests, but school whenever and wherever you want.

When an opportunity comes up, an advantage of homeschooling is the ability to grab your books, jump in the car and learn on the move. Or stop school to spend time with relatives who visit, or a parent who travels for work.

My husband is self employed and his schedule is never consistent. We have appreciated the flexibility to school when he works and enjoy him when he is at home, between jobs.

8. School in Freedom

As the homeschool movement grows, reasons why families choose to homeschool will continue to increase.

Although many do homeschool for non-religious reasons, having the freedom to pray, read your bible, or incorporate your faith in your education, is a huge advantage of homeschooling.

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