Achieve Homeschool Organizing Success Over Your Preposterous Paper Pile!

by Tanya
(Scottsmoor, Florida)

Need a little homeschool organizing help?

Need a little homeschool organizing help?

Want to tame the out-of-control paper monster in your homeschool classroom? Enjoy sweet success with this one-cent homeschool organizing tip...

I was collecting dittos like crazy. Once you begin homeschooling, people tend to save newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, and extra dittos from their school and pass along to you. My paper pile was getting out of control, until...

I invested in some three-prong paper folders with pockets (only one cent a piece once a year when they are on sale at Staples). I have labeled each by what they contain. Some of mine are labeled as the American Flag, solar system, Betsy Ross, 4th of July, Our Body, etc. This makes it easy for me to find the stuff I use to supplement my curriculum, when I need it.

A note about the folders, I use the three prongs to insert the informational pages that I will not be copying for the kids. Any ditto or information I might use for the kids I slip into the pockets. This works easier for me than using manila folders; as I do not have a file cabinet. Instead, I keep them on the bookshelf with the rest of our school materials, where they are readily accessible.

I only wish when I started this system, that I kept all these informational folders one color, so that my correspondence, portfolios, and curriculum folders were more easily distinguished from them.

From ditto mess to organized folders…. easily and inexpensively!

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