ACE Homeschool Curriculum: Mastery-based and Self-Instructional

ACE homeschool curriculum utilizes the mastery-based teaching method using self-instructional workbooks.

Mastery-based simply means that a student masters one concept before moving on to the next.

Self-instructional means that students can complete lessons with minimal teacher instruction.

Lessons are taught to the student through the workbooks; students do not rely on parents to teach the lessons to them.

Parents monitor daily work, oversee grading, answer questions, etc.

The core curriculum consists of the following subjects: math, social studies, science, English, literature/creative writing, spelling and Bible reading. Each unit is called a PACE and each course includes twelve PACES that a student completes during the year.

Individualized Education

ACE provides an individualized education for each of your children. Your child can go as fast, or slow as they need to, to complete their lessons or PACES. ACE also offers diagnostic tests – a great way to find out exactly where your student will begin in the ACE program.

Although I don't use ACE, it is a little like Alpha Omega LifePacs which my family used in our home school. Like AOP, ACE homeschool curriculum is also self-instructional – your student will be able to complete lessons with minimal involvement from you - a great time-saving benefit for busy homeschooling families, or for working parents.

Perfect for School-on-the-Go

When my oldest was in private school (kindergarten and first grade), I carpooled with another family who homeschooled their two oldest children; their youngest went to school with my daughter.

I was first introduced to ACE by that family before we started carpooling together. I remember my friend's two children busily doing their schoolwork in her van, while we talked and waited for our Kindergarteners to get out of school. Every once in awhile they would ask my friend a question, but for the most part, they completed their lessons on their own.

Inside of ACE PACEs Level 5 Science.

A happy mom writes:

"My son loves ACE, he is able to work at his own pace and is doing better in school than I could have ever thought." Stephanie, home educator from Crystal Beach, Texas October 16, 2012

Another happy mom writes:

I am a homeschool mom that enjoys homeschooling! The Ace Pace is the best curriculum and I have used this curriculum for the past 3 years. They have the record keeping kit you don't have to wonder if you are keeping all things in order their kit provides you with what you need to keep up with grades and attendance and more. Easy and simple. No stressing.
Submitted by the The Hall Family, Bonifay Florida, 3/25/2014

ACE Homeschool Curriculum Samples

You can view a sample of their fourth grade science and second grade social studies to see if it will be a good fit for your child. Some parents may not like the cartoony/comic book style of the ACE curriculum, but I think most kids would love it.

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