ACE Homeschool Curriculum Review: Grades 1-3

by Jen
(Waterford, MI)

Homeschooling mom shares an ACE homeschool curriculum review for grades 1-3...

We are in year two with ACE homeschool curriculum now, I am homeschooling my 2 oldest children they are now in grades 2 & 3. We LOVE ACE! I used this when I was in High School so I was familiar with the PACES. The thing that I love most about this is it teaches my children what I am teaching them. To have manners, good morals, Christ lovers, Bible reading lovers. The subjects we use are Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Word building, Creative Writing & literature and Bible Reading. My kids have learned so much and are so smart! Taking them out of public schools was the BEST decision! My kids now are mastering every subject.

The PACES go over concepts and the kids get it, they can't move on until they get it either. They have a check up half way through every pace and at the end they have a Self Test they must score a 80% and above to take the PACE TEST this must get a score of 80% and above to go on to the next PACE. So far my kids have done wonderful on their tests - scoring 90% and better every time; many are 100%. Last year they ended the school year with an overall score of 99% which is an A+.

In high School I took an entrance exam test to begin homeschooling... In Public School I was a straight A & B student on the Honor Roll every year. Well my English was very poor even though I got an A in the class, we didn't learn anything... I learned how to watch movies, write a book report on the movie and do word searches. English was a goof-off class and everyone knew it. Well going into 9th grade I tested into a 6th grade English level. WOW, I was NOT happy! I had to do paces to catch up to 9th grade. I never knew I was behind; I thought I was good because I had A's. Well, I caught up in homeschool and then I excelled. I graduated ONE YEAR early, plus started taking college courses at age 16. I took my college entrance exam and by 10th grade my ENGLISH was so good that I scored out of the College English classes - amazing! :) So I am a true believer that ACE is the best curriculum out there! Now I get to see my children do wonderful as well! :) Hope this helps you.

Hi Jen,
Thanks for sharing your ACE homeschool curriculum review; your thoughts are very helpful! I appreciate the time you took to help other parents learn more about this Christian homeschool program. Blessings, Heather :)

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