Homeschooling Kindergarten and ACE Homeschool Curriculum Questions

by Melandy Misenheimer
(Sheridan, Oregon)

Homeschooling Kindergarten Questions

Homeschooling Kindergarten Questions

Oregon mom has questions about homeschooling kindergarten and ACE homeschool curriculum...

My name is Melandy,
I have three children 7, 5 and 2. I want to start homeschooling kindergarten with my 5 year old this September. She's very easy and I know I can do and she would have fun. I would like some info how I would start going about doing it. I did ACE when I was a child until I graduated. I loved it and I know my daughter would too.

When you go to test them after they complete their PACE, how do I do that with a kindergartner? Do you help at all? What is a normal number of PACES every year should they complete to stay on task? Also do I need a license to teach at home? We live in Oregon. Please let me know... Melandy

Hi Melandy,
Congratulations on your decision to homeschool your daughter! Homeschooling kindergarten is fun – I think she would enjoy it too!

Since you enjoyed ACE, you could start with that since you are familiar with it. If that doesn’t work so well, take a look at Five In A Row. Five In A Row (also known as FIAR) are fun, short (one week long) unit studies centered around a short story book that you read each day. After you read the story, you complete different hands-on activities that go along with the book or the book’s theme. I can tell you more about FIAR, if that interests you. Using unit studies is a great way for children, especially young children to learn. Its also very inexpensive and fun to use!

As far as the number of PACES to complete in a year, I think each course comes with 12 PACE workbooks. I found some samples of the ACE homeschool curriculum for you to look at. Although none are samples of their Kindergarten curriculum, they will give you a good idea of how the ACE curriculum is set up.

As far as how many PACES your child would need to complete each year to keep on track, I would think an average child would need to complete
approximately one workbook per three weeks (36 week school year). I don't use ACE, but it is similar to Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum (AOP LifePacs have 10 workbooks per course) which we use for some high school subjects. It is okay if a child works slower and takes longer.

If there are tests at the end of each Kindergarten level PACE, the tests are usually appropriate for the age/grade of the child. Your child may or may not need help. If they need help reading the test, then yes, I would help them. If you are reading the questions to them and they don't know the answer, you will know exactly what you need to focus on before continuing to the next workbook. That's the beauty of homeschooling – you can go as fast or slow as your child needs. When problem areas arise, you can take as much time as you need to help your child master a concept.

Sometimes all a child needs is a quick refresher of a previous lesson as a reminder. I had to do that this morning with my eight year old. She had forgotten how to round to the nearest 10, so I quickly went over it with her. She said, "Oh, I remember that!" And, on we went. :)

I sit with my eight year old a lot and work through her lessons with her. Sometimes I leave her to complete questions on her own; sometimes we work through them together. Once you begin, you’ll know how much to help your child.

You do not need a license to teach your child at home. There are no teacher requirements for Oregon. You can find a summary of the Oregon homeschooling laws compliments of HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).

I hope this information helps you as you begin homeschooling kindergarten. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask!
Have fun!

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Comments for Homeschooling Kindergarten and ACE Homeschool Curriculum Questions

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Jan 18, 2011
ACE Kindergarten
by: Anonymous

Before ordering curriculum for a kindergarten age student I recommend investing in the Reading Readiness test. From ACE customer service they are $6 each. If the student scores below 80% on the test the student definately needs the kindergarten reading-readiness program. If the student scores between 80 and 90% they are marginally ready to learn to read. If the student is a young 5 year old I would put them into the Kindergarten with Ace and Christi. This will give the student a strong foundation for the remainder of their academic years. If the student scores above 90% and is an older five year old, the student can go into the ABC's with Ace and Christi learning to read program.

For the older students I recommend that you have them take the free online diagnostic tests at the ACE web site before ordering curriculum.

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ACE Homeschool Curriculum Question: Can You Help Me Figure This Out?

by Corlene Robinson
(Bethune, Saskatchewan, Canada)

ACE Homeschool Curriculum Questions

ACE Homeschool Curriculum Questions

Canadian mom asks about ACE homeschool curriculum and how to place her struggling son in the proper grade...

My son is 12 yrs old and in grade 6. Due to the "no child left behind" policy, he can fail a whole grade and still get bumped to the next grade the next year. He fails tests and goes on to the next chapter without having to redo and learn properly. For instance, I recently had to show him how to add and subtract right. This made me realize how badly our public schools are failing him.

How can I figure out what his REAL grade level is? Because it is sure not grade 6! I am wanting to pull him and either start homeschooling or find a private school in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada, which uses the ACE curriculum. How do I get started? Is it expensive? And how would I know what PACE level to start him in?

Hi Corlene,
How frustrated you must feel about your son’s situation! You can find out where you would need to start your son in the ACE homeschool curriculum by using the ACE online diagnostic test. Once your son completes this test, you will know exactly what PACES to start him in.

ACE homeschool curriculum is quite reasonably priced – about $35 - $40 (US) or so per subject and you can purchase individual PACES. If your son needs to start halfway through a course, you won't waste money by having to buy the whole course. You can buy just PACES he needs.

This curriculum is also easy for independent home educators to use and oversee their student’s home education.

As far as private Christian schools using the ACE/PACES curriculum in your area, try Harvest City Christian Academy, in Regina (

Hope this helps!
Heather :)

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Comments for ACE Homeschool Curriculum Question: Can You Help Me Figure This Out?

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Mar 10, 2011
Retest at the end of the year
by: Anonymous

You should also do another diagonostic test after the year. Sometimes after mastering a concept in the lower pace you will find that they may not need to complete every single pace and may be able to be placed in a higher pace.

Mar 11, 2011
ACE Diagnostic Test Tip
by: Heather

Great tip - thanks for taking the time to share! :)

Jul 25, 2011
HOw to tell the grade
by: Anonymous

After you test him. You'll be able to tell the grade level by paces #'s. WHich level is he mostly on. The good thing about ACE is he can be lower in a ccertain subject and get caught up to where he needs to be.There are 12 paces for each grade. 1001-1012 is 1st grade, 1013-1024 is second, and so forth.Good luck and God Bless.Your son will get the education you are looking for with ACE.
God Bless,
CHristina Allen

Sep 20, 2012
thanks! NEW
by: Heather

Thank you for sharing the link. My son was tested by a private academy home based school, but the 4th grade books they started him in 1037 are just way toooo easy for him,,Now I can test him myself to see where he really needs to be.

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Ace Homeschool Curriculum for Math 3 Questions

by Kristin

Ace Homeschool Curriculum Questions

Ace Homeschool Curriculum Questions

Home educator has questions about using ACE homeschool curriculum for her struggling math student. Can you help?

Hi, I came across your page about Ace homeschool curriculum and read the reviews. I have a child who's in 4th and has always been a little slower at "getting" it in Math.

We always used a spiral math and she still doesn't have her facts down cold and some of the simple things like subtraction is holding her back.

I took a look at Ace and thought I'd order a few paces and give it a whirl. She is to start in the 3rd grade level after taking the placement test.

I'm worried because I hear so many bad reviews about Ace and that it is lacking and slow or behind the other programs. My child seems to catch onto the geometry stuff quickly but it's the basics that are holding her up.

Do you have any advice for me and do you still recommend Ace homeschool curriculum for Math? Do you think in the end, it is a good enough math to get to college?
Thanks so much!

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Feb 29, 2012
ACE veteran
by: Becki

I graduated with ACE. I use ACE with my daughters.
I have 2 kids one who accelerates at math and one who struggles with math. I like ACE on both accounts. The one who excels i challenge her by timing her and letting her skip pages if you can get them done in quick enough time with no or 1-2 errors. The slower one I challenge her the same way but with different guidelines. We tried a spiral program in the younger grades. It did not work for us. They needed more practice on one thing before jumping it was too confusing for them to always remember all the different rules at once. ACE works primarily on one thing at a time. A lot of parents complain of redundancy but some kids need it others don't, feel free to skip pages as a reward for a skill mastered. As long as they do checkups and tests and grade well go on if they don't go back and do skipped pages as extra practice. Remember the most important key about homeschooling is you are the judge of what works for you. Personally I love ACE. Hope this helps

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