ACE Homeschool Curriculum: Core Classes

by Marcie Bettis
(Lexington, KY, USA)

ACE Homeschool Curriculum Review

ACE Homeschool Curriculum Review

Homeschooling mom says what she likes most about ACE homeschool curriculum is the student-directed learning and cost to value ratio...

We began using ACE homeschool curriculum in 2001 for my daughter in second grade. We continued using ACE solely until she reached the high school level. I did feel we should have introduced different methods/types of materials before then, because she was initially overwhelmed by the size of the books entering into 9th.

Instead, ACE uses paces (work texts) and breaks the year down into bite size pieces for student directed learning. The largeness of the entire year in one textbook seemed too much initially for my daughter.

I really enjoyed that ACE taught and maintained "goal setting" and achievement. We enjoyed that it was somewhat inter-related with some subjects. It teaches students (without too much teacher involvement) to set goals and obtain those goals, that are realistic and attainable.

What I liked most about ACE homeschool curriculum is the student directed learning, and the cost to value ratio. Some say ACE is too "soft" for their liking, and some say it is very good in helping their children succeed at a higher level. It is mostly affordable up to 4th grade, because score keys are "mandatory" or not really needed for that matter. Most of the material is knowledgeable by the general, graduated, adult public in USA.

I would recommend not buying the score keys until the answers are too difficult for an average adult to answer/figure out. I began purchasing the score keys at grade 4 (beginning with pace 1037, I think). You can also find used score keys, but be sure the copyright and production dates are the same. Some curriculums change layouts and material introduction, so the older paces and new score keys, or vice versa would not "match".

Nice ACE homeschool curriculum review! I love your money-saving tips and think that other parents considering ACE Paces will appreciate your comments. Blessings, Heather :)

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