ACE Homeschool Curriculum and Dyslexia

by Charissa
(East Peoira, IL)

ACE Homeschool Curriculum Review

ACE Homeschool Curriculum Review

Single homeschooling mom of three shares an inspiring ACE homeschool curriculum review and helpful dyslexia resources...

I am a homeschooling single mom of three boys, ages 9, 10 and 12. I myself was homeschooled from the 4th grade up, and have been homeschooling my boys since 2003.

I began all three of them with Christian Light Publications: ABC Readiness (preschool) and Learning to Read (kindergarten) programs. I started homeschooling my oldest son when he was only 4 years old. I first tried ABeka for 1st grade with him, but as he was so young and this course is so advanced, it didn't work for us; so I decided to try something different. Also during this time, my husband left us, which made the possibility of homeschooling very difficult; but I knew that by God's grace he would make a way for me to continue to homeschool. And, he did! I began schooling, as well, to become a medical transcriptionist so I could still be home to school my boys.

I then switched to ACE curriculum through Midwest Christian Academy and have been with it ever since! I cannot stress how much I LOVE this program! ACE gave us the flexibility we all needed to fit my busy schedule, and the peace of mind knowing they are getting a good education! We fell in love with ACE's Bible-based curriculum and colorful pages. My boys love the character-building comics. They cannot wait to start new PACES just to read them! ACE definitely makes learning enjoyable for the student. Money-saving tips I have found is that you really don't need answer keys through the 5th grade and then maybe in Math you may want it. It becomes more advanced at a nice steady pace as the years progress.

Last year, I found out my middle son has dyslexia. This was yet another challenge to overcome. I found the Susan Barton Spelling system to be just what he needed, but could not afford or do the course on my own. I found a private tutor in my area who uses the Barton system. This has worked well for us with our schedule, and not only that, his reading and spelling is so much better than where he was a year ago.

Since that time, I also found a spelling program for children with and without dyslexia that is almost identical to the Barton system and cost a lot less. It is called All About Spelling! This is my first year trying it for my other two sons, who also show signs of dyslexia to a mild degree. (This program can be used to teach your children to read as well - wish I would have known about this when my boys were beginning!) It has 7 levels and can be used by any age at any time.

ACE has given us what we needed to continue on even through tough times. The ability to order what I need and when I need it, and their speedy response, is a God-send. I would recommend this curriculum to anyone, especially for those of you with special circumstances like ours ~ hang in there, God's grace is sufficient! He will provide all you need and when you need it!

This year, we are starting 4th, 5th & 7th grades and are looking forward to it! Happy home-schooling!

Charissa, what an inspiration you are! Your ACE homeschool curriculum review will definitely help others as will your dyslexia tips. Thanks for taking time out of your very busy schedule to share your homeschooling story; I appreciate it. You go girl! :) Blessings, Heather

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May 19, 2016
Very inspiring NEW
by: Diana

Thank you Charissa - God bless you all

May 19, 2016
Very inspiring NEW
by: Diana

Thank you Charissa - God bless you all

Jul 05, 2016
Help! :) NEW
by: DeAnna

Do you use A.C.E. For every subject except spelling? My daughter started with A.C.E. in first grade and also did it for second. However, she had dyslexia and we did not know. I put her into public school for third grade and they felt she just did not know enough for that grade level and bumped her down to second grade for a second year. She is now entering fourth grade, but we are moving out of state. The school she will be zoned too will not help her efficiently (I know first hand because I grew up there). So, homeschooling is our option now. I'm trying to find the best curriculum for her before the school year starts. She wants to try A.C.E. again but I'm afraid of her not grasping enough like how she did in first and second grade.
I was very excited to read a review on A.C.E. from a parent that has dyslexic children.

Aug 08, 2016
Help with Dyslexia NEW
by: Anonymous

I just discovered that our child also has Dyslexia. You may want to look into Lexercise. We are about to begin their minimum 2 month therapy program, which boasts that they will have your child reading 1 grade level above where they tested- guaranteed. They also said they will have your child reading 3 grade levels above their current grade upon completion of their program, which varies according to your child's needs. I was told it's about $99/week. This includes weekly 45 minute Skype consults with a therapist who specializes in this specific learning- ability. I really hope this helps someone. I know how discouraging & lonely it can be for a mom who is trying her best to teach her child without the success necessary. Many Blessings. Oh, we like ACE too.

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