ACE Homeschool Curriculum aka School of Tomorrow Review

by akgreen

ACE Homeschool Curriculum Review

ACE Homeschool Curriculum Review

ACE homeschool curriculum provides an easy way for busy parents to homeschool multiple kids in different grade levels, through self-teaching worktexts called Paces...

I teach different levels and using ACE homeschool curriculum (aka School of Tomorrow) for math, English, science, Bible, ABCs and more helps me to manage the children. The paces are Bible-based and self taught, just that user-friendly and many captures for not making the lesson seem boring.

My children check their own seat work and can't move on until it's corrected. There are check-ups throughout, a self-test and then a final test at the end. The children move at there own pace and don't move on until you can understand the material covered.

There must be twelve completed paces a year for a credit; which the child may complete one in about one week and a half. Each pace averages about $4.00, and contain 30-40pp.

To help reduce homeschooling costs:
For my children coming up I might put the pace in sheet protectors and for smaller children I would use dry easel marker. My older children just write the answer in a spiral notebook when necessary; to help on the cost. When I'd tried to move to a different homeschool curriculum, they begged to go back to Pace. They love it and I love it!

Thanks for your ACE homeschool curriculum review and for some great money-saving ideas! Blessings, Heather :)

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Sep 29, 2009
We Love ACE!
by: HomeGrownMommy

Hi there! I've been homeschooling my oldest son using ACE for a few years now - he just started 5th grade which is his fourth year on the program.

We have really enjoyed many benefits of using ACE but I certainly did not think I would like using ACE when we first made the choice to use it. I thought the workbooks would be too boring and that a boxed curriculum would not teach him to "think outside the box".

I was very wrong! I am in the middle of producing an article series that goes much more in-depth about the benefits to our family of using ACE.

Please check it out when you get the chance!

Oct 16, 2009
Homeschool Curriculum
by: Anonymous

Another great homeschooling curriculum worth looking at is TTUISD. It is for children grades K-12. It is an accredited, diploma progam that allows students to work at their own pace, and it is a little less scary for parents worried about homeschooling because they act as more of a mentor than a teacher. Also, the program is very affordable, and it has shown great results! If you are interested, you should check it out at

May 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

The ACE program left me with a skewed world view due to it's rediculus theology and absolute disregard for science. It's math sections were so poor by the time I reached college I had to start in remidial algebra. Oh and I'd always score well on the PACE packets.

Thankfully college snapped me out of an intellectual stupor. I learned about evolution, philosophy, psychology, biology, all sorts of things these people lied about. It is sick.

Today I am recovered from the damage the program did. I wouldn't wish it on another child.

May 12, 2010
Great Curriculum
by: Anonymous

My oldest son used ACE in junior high at a Christian school and I found it to be excellent in covering the gaps that he had from ps. When he came home in 9th grade, we continued to use ACE and we also used ACE with his brothers, 1st and 2nd graders at the time. I listened to the naysayers and changed our curriculum the following year. I sooooo regretted not sticking with ACE now for my oldest and two of my younger sons. I thought I was doing best by checking into other hs'ing approaches and curricula for my dc which is fine when you're a newbie but hindsight sure is wonderful. Honestly, I feel as if I created more gaps with my oldest, poor hs'ing guinea pig, by changing curriculum/approaches. I have now returned to ACE for two of my dc and I'm using CLE (Christial Light Education) for another. Now, six years later, I take the naysayers with a grain of salt. You have to do what works for your dc. I'm sure there are always some negative as well as positive comments regarding different types of curriculum within the hs community but you have to choose what works for your children regardless.

Keep in mind that ACE starts slow in the younger levels but it does pan out by the time a child reaches the middle school levels. ACE slowing builds a foundation ensuring that a child understands concrete concepts before moving onto more abstract concepts later. It's just a gentle, mastery approach and I love that.

Oh, the characters or "religious" content do not bother us. We are unashamedly Christians. After viewing so much negative content via the news, shows, and the world in general, I think it's nice and refreshing to have a curriculum with positive images for children to view although my children don't get so caught up in the characters that it directs them from the content. We are very pleased with ACE.

Please note that ACE has been in a process of revision for a while now. Much has changed since it's beginnings in 1970. I would also like to add that a curriculum is only as good as you make it. It's a tool so regardless of the curriculum being used, based on the needs of your children, you must utilize it as intended. Learning how to use a program as intended or to its fullest has great benefits as well as thinking outside the box and knowing when to add or spruce things up a bit.

Apr 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

In retrospect, there's a lot of things that have been blatantly disregarded by the curriculum.

One strong example is in the area of the sciences. When I stepped out of my church-school, I didn't know anything about "science." I just remember that the PACEs just gave one-liners along the lines of "Evolution is wrong because God created the world as recorded in the Bible." I felt extremely left out in university because I had to catch up on a lot of things...especially in science.

Another lacking department in the ACE system is in English. The PACEs are great if you want to learn about subject-verb-object and the fancy diagrams that come along with those. As someone whose first language is not English, this is a very effective method. However, critical thinking is something that was never taught. The higher English PACEs have a very limited literature selection - all from prominently Christian authors. Again, when stepped onto university, I had to catch up, especially in Shakespeare because they didn't teach me that. Apparently, people who wrote the curriculum left Shakespeare's works out because they deemed those as abomination. Truly disappointing.

I stayed in the system for 11 years, and I can say that I am happy I'm out of it. The effectiveness of the whole curriculum is very relative. All I can say is that I am happy that I got out. I'm very much happier in university because I wasn't strangled with Christian dogmas, and there's higher chance of being academically free - free to question, free to be curious about other theories that haven't been presented in the ACE curriculum.

Apr 26, 2011
Works So Good, We're Opening an ACE School
by: Jay H

I have taught in both public and Christian schools. I have used various curricula. My two daughters have been in both public and Christian schools too. I love that when they entered the ACE system they were diagnostically tested. It showed what areas they were behind in. I taught at an ACE school. It was demoralizing to see the low diagnostic scores we received from students transferring from public schools. My strenghts are in the maths and sciences, and there is a strong foundation for these subjects with ACE. It is an awesome curriculum, and I highly recommend it.

Aug 09, 2011
ACE vs Abeka Algebra ? Need opinion.
by: Anonymous

I am going from Abeka to ACE Algebra. People have warned me not to do it. They said they had children who used it in a Christian school, then went to college and struggled. I am extremely concerned. I really was hoping that this would be a good change for us. I liked that we could keep the DVD's that we purchased, unlike Abeka's DVD's.
Looking for another opinion, whether good or bad. Just would like to know the truth.


Mar 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

I went to a school that used ACE, and I enjoyed it. To me, memorization was easy, so of course, I found most of my school career easy. What I didn't enjoy was the math and science PACEs. The math and science do not truly teach you, but show you. The entire curriculum is built around memory skills, meaning you see it done, so learn to reproduce it. In math, this became difficult in Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry, which involved actually understanding what was happening. I am now in college to become a math teacher. Everything I've learned in college has been much easier to grasp than any of the ACE math that I did. In most subjects, ACE is great, but in math and physics, I feel it misses the ball. Add to that the fact that in most cases, the teachers are not particularly qualified to teach that subject. There were many times in Trigonometry and Physics when the teachers could not tell me why I didn't have the right answer. It was simply because the answer key said I was wrong. This was a dangerous mixture. In the event I do use ACE for my own children in the future, I will be sure to have someone qualified close by to explain the material and help them with it.

Mar 04, 2014
highschool diploma
by: Anonymous

My son is eighteen years old. He has adhd and has been homeschooled for a few classes during the summer for which he obtained credit for. I live in a county in Tennessee where homeschool is not allowed if your child is kicked out of school. It is up to the parent to pay for an education that is private in a school setting which can cost thousands a month. My question is
How do you get an accredited diploma if a child needs two credits to graduate such as pe and greenhouse management after purchasing your paces...

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