Time-Saving ACE Home Schooling Option

With the ACE home schooling program, you can choose to school your children independently, without support services and save money.

If you want extra support for your educational journey, ACE offers an affordable, fully-accredited distance learning K-12 school called Lighthouse Christian Academy.

Families who enroll in the academy, use the same mastery-based PACES curriculum that independent families use.

The difference is, you have added support of an academic adviser, as well as time-saving services like progress reports, transcripts, record-keeping, and standardized testing.

LCA Costs

Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) charges an enrollment fee - about $50 for an elementary student and $100 for a high school student. You will also pay administrative fees – from $275-$475 depending on the grade of your student, plus the cost of your student's curriculum.

Compared to a private Christian education through a brick and mortar school, the costs for this distance learning school is very reasonable. When we had our daughter in a private Christian school, we were paying just over $300 a month - and that was one of the cheapest options in my area!

LCA Curriculum

In addition to the enrollment fees, you will need to purchase ACE curriculum for each of your children. Curriculum for a full year costs around $300 (includes test and answer keys) - a little more for some grades, and a little less for others. The high school grades cost between $270-320 for an entire year.

LCA Discounts

Enrolled families can take advantage of some money-saving LCA discounts. Lighthouse Christian Academy offers the following discounts to help you save money:

  • Receive a $75 discount each year for each returning student when you pay in full at the beginning of the year.
  • Receive a $75 discount each year for each additional enrolled child after the first enrolled child when you pay in full.
  • Receive a $5 savings on each scheduled, on-time payment made through the Parents' Link.

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