ACE Home Schooling Review: 6-10th Grade

by Montague Smith
(Mt. Sterling, KY)

I was home schooled from 6th-10th grade with ACE home schooling curriculum. The first thing I liked was the scripture verses you learned in it. I liked that you could go at your own pace and that it showed you areas that you were weak in so you could spend more time on that particular subject instead of being rushed.

ACE home schooling curriculum is very self explanatory and it goes step-by-step to help you understand how to do your lesson. I learned more in the years I was using the ACE curriculum that I ever did in public schools. The only down fall of ACE is the start up costs. As a mother of 6 kids I would like to start them in it but right now I don't have the funds till hopefully next year.

I would highly recommend this program for anybody that is considering using this program especially with kids that have ADHD and that take a long time to learn different subjects. It is also great for kids who learn very fast and traditional schools are just too slow.

Thanks for the informative and helpful ACE curriculum review, Montague; your thoughts are greatly appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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A.C.E (PACE) Homeschool Program Review

by Gerald Barr
(Clinton, IL)

Learn more about the ACE (PACE) homeschool program from a former ACE student and a current homeschool dad...

Although I currently have my daughter enrolled in ABEKA, I just wanted to take the time to review the A.C.E program that I used in a Christian school between the grades of 3-5. It was fairly new then and our church started using it when they started a Christian School in the basement. I remember recess in the winter consisting of a new game console called PONG so this must have been in the mid 70's :)

Firstly, ACE is Biblically based which is very important to most Christians when choosing a home study program. ACE also used and still uses a very individualistic approach at learning as each student was tested in each subject to find out what books they were to use in each subject. IE they may be at 2nd grade in science but 4th grade in math. That was the beauty of it in that it allowed kids to excel in some areas and get a sense of their aptitude in each subject. I remember that I was doing 5th grade math in 3rd grade but barely at 3rd grade level in science.

Each subject is self taught in that examples are given and written steps take you through or show you how to do something very vividly. If a student was struggling, there were always two teachers going around answering questions as I am sure many parents do today. But they don't necessarily have to give a lecture over every single thing unless the child asks for help.

The ACE homeschool program may not be for every child due to this learning technique and would suggest the child be a very strong reader. Of course in today's course there are also DVD videos to help in high school in case subject matter is too difficult for the parent. Overall it was and is a very good program which I really excelled in and led to me very easily returning to public school where I maintained high grades and ranked 2nd out of a class of 141. In case you were interested in taking a further look at what they offer, here is the link:
Thanks and God Bless!

Gerald, thanks so much for sharing your personal experience with ACE homeschool curriculum! Your thoughts are appreciated and helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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Mom Recommends ACE Home Schooling Curriculum For...

by Denall Moore
(New Mexico)

Smart Kid Reveals ACE Home Schooling Downfall

Smart Kid Reveals ACE Home Schooling Downfall

I started our second year of homeschooling with a fabulous plan and high expectations for ACE home schooling curriculum. After my first year of homeschooling, I needed a lot more guidance; ACE provides that guidance. Everything is completely laid out for each student, and the teacher can be as involved as needed/wanted.

I would highly recommend ACE for the beginning homeschooler or for when life gets crazy.

The downfall I did experience was that my youngest (6) was quick to figure out the answers after each story. So, if your 1st grader is a good reader, she may skip ahead and just fill in the answers. Needless to say she finished her work in a matter of hours - all subjects.

Although I did struggle to keep her going through the day, this is the only downfall we experienced with ACE home schooling curriculum.

Denall, it sounds like you will be busy this year coming up with extra things for your daughter to do. Finding some short, easy-to-use unit studies might help guide her and keep her occupied. Look for ones that encourage hands-on learning and get her outside exploring! Thanks for sharing and have fun! Blessings, Heather :)

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