ACE Home School Discount Information

The best time to buy ACE home school curriculum is any time during the year! You can order your curriculum online through their website, through their catalog, or by phone. But...

The best time to save money on ACE curriculum is by ordering either at a convention or one of their hotel display meetings.

Throughout the year, ACE representatives travel all over the nation to give home school families an opportunity to learn more about ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) and the curriculum and materials they offer.

You will see samples of all their curriculum and can ask questions from the reps as well as other home schooling parents who use this program. But the best part is... (okay, well maybe not the best part, unless your a penny-pinching, money-saving mom like me)...

Convention Savings

When you attend and order at either at an ACE convention booth, or area hotel meeting, you will receive a 10% discount AND free shipping!

ACE Academy Discounts

Learn about ACE homeschool discounts and savings when you enroll in the ACE distance learning school.

Not Sure About ACE?

A great way to learn more about ACE before heading out to a conference or area meeting is to read ACE customer reviews and testimonials. The reviews on my website are written by actual ACE users who share what they like, as well as what they don't like about this curriculum.

ACE Curriculum Gets an A+

Proven and established ACE curriculum provides reassurance, flexibility and familiarity for this busy, on-the-go homeschooling family. Read this helpful ACE Curriculum Review...

Learn More About ACE/PACEs/School of Tomorrow

ACE stands for Accelerated Christian Education. If you ever see School of Tomorrow, that is ACE as well; their full name is ACE School of Tomorrow. So... if you hear either name, its all the same company. :) Learn more about Accelerated Christian Education curriculum...

PACE Curriculum Benefits

ACE's PACE curriculum provides parents an affordable and flexible home education solution.

Time-Saving ACE Learning Option

The ACE Academy offers time-saving solutions for busy home educators.

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