ABeka Video Streaming School

by Bridget Herr
(Boles, AR )

The Herr ABeka Video Streaming School

The Herr ABeka Video Streaming School

Mom of eight, shares an ABeka Video Streaming School review, AND some money-saving tips...

I like ABeka Video School because it gives my children a well rounded, Bible-based education with professional teachers who make learning fun. I also like it because I have 8 children and cannot spend the individual time needed with each one otherwise.

I've used ABeka for seven years, from Grades K - 9th.

The thing I like most is that it keeps my children structured and focused.

It averages about $950 per child. I find it to be affordable since I reuse some of the materials and we use our annual income tax refund to pay for school. We consider it to be our school voucher.

Definitely save each year's books and answer keys to save money. Also, buy early when they have their Spring discount.

Yay, Bridget! Thanks for helping others learn more about ABeka Video Streaming School; I love how you look at your tax return as your school voucher! Thanks for also including some helpful money-saving tips with your review. Blessings, Heather :)

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ABeka Video Lessons for Auditory Learners

by Leta Wrightsman

ABeka Video Success

ABeka Video Success

Why would you want to invite a classroom filled with kids, including a professional teacher into your home school room? ABeka home schooling mom tells why...

My daughter is an auditory learner, so watching and listening to the ABeka video courses on DVD works great for us. She enjoys watching the other students and participating in some of the class room games. Because the DVD teachers are extremely detailed, I don't have to worry about skipping an important teaching step.

You are the teacher and you can gauge when your student can move ahead or spend extra time doing something. The class does a lot of reciting of important information and facts, stretching new concepts into a few days while reviewing the building concepts. This gives students ample time to catch on to difficult concepts. If the student has grasped a concept there is usually enough new information to keep them interested.

We used ABeka video program for grades 1-3 and will begin 4th grade soon. We follow the curriculum very closely and my daughter has tested well above her grade level in all the core subjects (accor. to P.S. standards). I attribute this to the method they use to teach the basics. I especially like the way they teach the “special sounds”; a great help in learning to read and spell new words. I have often used the “special sounds” myself when trying to spell something.

I also enjoy reading our history/reading books; ABeka does such a nice job!

There is no perfect curriculum that will fit everyone. If you have a student that would like to "participate" in class, I recommend the 30 day trial period that ABeka offers.

Great Abeka video review, Leta! You are so right; there is no perfect curriculum that will fit everyone. The trick is finding a great one and adapting the curriculum to your specific needs, which you have done; kudos to you! Wishing you and your daughter much home schooling success, Heather :)

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