Abeka Preschool Homeschool Program

by Liz
(Holland, Michigan)

Abeka preschool homeschool program - a structured, yet flexible homeschooling curriculum; read this happy mom's testimonial...

I have taught the K3 and K4 Abeka preschool homeschool program and loved it. It was very organized and kept the flow of the day going very smoothly. The curriculum even gave room to add additional things if I wanted. I recommend using this program for preschoolers and I look forward to using their other programs as my kiddos get older.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Abeka preschool K3 and K4 curriculum, Liz. Your thoughts are very helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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ABeka Homeschool Curriculum Review: K4

by Heather

ABeka Homeschool Curriculum

ABeka Homeschool Curriculum

ABeka homeschool curriculum has received some mixed reviews from some, because of their subtle anti-catholic slant in later elementary years; however, the curriculum does not have any of that in the k4 level.

I found ABeka intriguing to the kids with all the bright colors and game options. The detailed day-by-day lesson plans help those of us who desire structure and are new to homeschooling. They seem to focus a lot on teaching children to discipline their bodies to be still and obedient for class time (i.e. keeping their hands in certain places, sitting upright, etc.) At this point, that is not of much importance being that they are little and NEED to move a lot; so I simply ignored that part of ABeka's teacher instructions.

Curriculum in general can get pretty expensive and this one isn't much of an exemption. It's fairly costly for such a young program and sometimes it's a little difficult making sure you get the proper supplies (curriculum for homeschooling NOT teaching in a school; the homeschool set is more affordable and more compact; the teacher's phonics, reading, and writing guide is quite different as well).

All in all I like the ABeka homeschool curriculum; but I might be supplementing handwriting without tears in place of ABeka's cursive-minded curriculum. Both traditional manuscript and traditional cursive are a burden to young ones; HWT has seemed to significantly lighten that burden without compromising standards.

Excellent Abeka homeschool curriculum review, Heather; I found your comments about handwriting methods ABeka uses, interesting and helpful. Have a wonderful homeschool year and thanks for helping others! Blessings, Heather :)

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Jun 14, 2011
scanned abeka K4
by: Jelle

I would like to use abeka, is there a way for you to scan the curriculum for download?

Jun 14, 2011
Scanning ABeka for Download
by: Heather

Hi Jelle,
No, scanning ABeka curriculum would be a copyright infringement.
You can purchase used ABeka curriculum to help you save money though. ABeka is a very popular curriculum in the homeschool community. I have seen used ABeka curriculum for sale at homeschool bookfairs, on used curriculum websites, listed on Craigslist and even at garage sales.
Hope this helps!

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