Abeka Phonics

by Angela McCrorie
(Athens, GA)

Homeschooling mom of four gives Abeka Phonics an A+++; read her helpful review...

Hi, we have been using the Abeka curriculum since we began homeschooling my daughter in Kindergarten. She is now 16 and will begin the 11th grade this fall. We also have three boys, 12, 8 and 2.

Although we have experienced Abeka at all grades and have enjoyed them all, I have been most impressed with the phonics portion of this curriculum. As a new homeschooling mom I worried about teaching my kids to read. If that is your concern, then you have to use the Abeka program. The Abeka phonics program is A+++. It is an easy six-step process that is reinforced across each of the subjects as you go. So, if you are learning your vowels, then at the same time you will work with them in writing, language, spelling and letters/sounds.

Our most recent success with Abeka Phonics, is with our two year old. Each day that I do school with my older children, he wants to "do school" too. So we take about 5 minutes and go over the entire alphabet using the phonics charts. This is simply him repeating after me, i.e A- it's short sound' apple. etc. He has picked it up so much, that while grocery shopping his brother was entertaining him and saying the letters of the alphabet and he would say the corresponding word to go with it, such as Apple. I couldn't believe it---he remembered all of them with no book prompt in front of him.

To make the program more affordable, I suggest looking for used resources, through local support groups or local book stores that sell used books.

Awwww... what a great story; thanks so much for the excellent Abeka Phonics review, Angela! I know other parents will find your thoughts very helpful. I worried about teaching my children to read; I'm sure there are many other parents who can relate with us too! :) I really appreciate the time you took out of your busy day, to help others. Wishing you continued success! Blessings, Heather :)

Download Abeka's Six Easy Steps to Reading.

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