Abeka Kindergarten Curriculum Review

by Amanda

ABeka Kindergarten Curriculum

ABeka Kindergarten Curriculum

If you are looking for a challenging curriculum with teacher lesson plans outlining what to introduce and when, ABeka Kindergarten curriculum might be the curriculum for you.

We chose Abeka homeschool curriculum because it's how I learned to read and write. I remembered it being thorough and challenging. It has not disappointed. We chose the curriculum that used cursive writing. I was a little hesitant at first, but learning how to block print one year only to not use it again the next was frustrating when I was a kid. So, we went with the cursive.

We could not be more pleased. Our son is able to write AND read in cursive. (He has picked up block print along the way, but his cursive is MUCH better!) Plus, cursive goes with the natural flow of the hand. The phonics is phenomenal. He is sounding out and writing words phonetically.

The math curriculum is terrific! Of course, number recognition and addition are taught, and so is proper formation of numbers with plenty of writing practice, telling time, counting money, and spelling number words.

The art project book is a must-have! We had everything in our home that we needed to complete it. Very simple and user friendly, even for the craft-challenged. Your child will love it! There are crafts for every month, and many of the projects
will be used in the other subjects- (a clock for math, coins to be cut out for counting, Bible heroes for Bible lessons, crafts on historical figures, seasonal and holiday crafts.) A must buy.

The social studies book I have found less helpful. Books at the library work just fine along with colorsheets for this age. Still, purchasing this won't hurt.

The ABeka teacher lesson plan books are terrific and provide the support you need. They also lend themselves to adding or skipping parts of the lesson

Overall, we are very pleased with Abeka Kindergarten curriculum for the academic standards and challenges it presents our son.

Thanks for the well-written and informative ABeka Kindergarten curriculum review, Amanda! We LOVE details and you delivered! Your comments and insight will be very helpful to other parents who are deciding if ABeka will be right for their child or family. Blessings, Heather :)

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