ABeka Homeschooling Academy Discounts

Enjoy some special ABeka homeschooling savings when you enroll in ABeka Academy.

ABeka Academy is an distance learning homeschool program for grades K-12. It's an umbrella-type school for homeschool families - anywhere. If you love the ABeka curriculum but aren't sure if you can teach, or have the time to teach every subject to every child in your family, homeschooling through ABeka Academy is a time-saving option.

Abeka Academy offers three levels of enrollment: Traditional (most affordable), Independent (with dvd/video lessons), and Accredited (with DVD/video lessons, and full-service support).

Abeka Academy

The difference between the Independent and Accredited options is... you have more flexibility with the Independent Study program. With the Accredited program, you are on a set time-table and more rigid requirements; just like traditional school.

Abeka Academy Savings

ABeka Academy (AA) enrollment fees are between $225-$1000, depending on the program you choose.

To help you save money, ABeka offers an early enrollment discount of $50 if you enroll your student for a full grade for a full year.

You must submit your enrollment agreement between March 1 through June 30.

If you are a new enrollee – meaning your student has never been enrolled in AA or wasn't enrolled the year prior, you can receive a $50 new enrollment discount. You must enroll for a full year, for a full grade and the $50 discount promotion is extended to July 31. This discount is only available at one of their Materials Displays, or online events.

If you are enrolling more than one student from your family in the same grade for a full year, ask about their same grade discount. You pay a discounted price for the second student, and your children would share the videos. This discount, unfortunately, can't be combined with any other discount.

Mention the above promotions before ordering. Businesses usually don't honor discounts after purchases are made. Also there may be some restrictions, so double check to make sure you qualify to avoid disappointment.

One Last Abeka Homeschooling Perk

If you choose to enroll your child in Abeka Academy during their high school years, every dollar you spend on Abeka homeschooling courses, will be credited to your child's tuition, as a scholarship, should they choose to go to Pensacola Christian College. 

Pensacola Christian College is affiliated with Abeka Book (or maybe Abeka Book is affiliated with Pensacola Christian College) - both were started by husband and wife team, Dr. Arlin and Mrs. Beca Horton.

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