ABeka Homeschool Curriculum 
Offers You Flexibility and Assurance

When looking into accredited homeschooling options, ABeka homeschool curriculum offers many features that homeschooling parents find beneficial.

ABeka Book has been a cornerstone in the Christian education movement for over thirty years, providing Christian schools and home schools with quality educational textbooks and materials.

The full ABeka curriculum program, offers five core subjects:
Bible, Mathematics, English, Science, History

Each subject is written from a Christian perspective with the Bible as the foundation of all teaching.

Many of my homeschooling friends use ABeka and love it.

Here's why...

ABeka Offers Flexibility

For homeschooling families, ABeka Book offers three options that you can choose from depending on your family's needs or budget.

  • A DVD Program
  • College Preparatory Program
  • Affordable Non-Accredited Program
  • Parent-Directed Option

Proven Curriculum

Each of the programs above, use the Abeka curriculum. Since Abeka has been around for a long time, many parents trust it. Abeka homeschool courses consist of a teacher's manual, student text, and corresponding workbooks. Some courses require additional materials - books, manipulatives, etc.

Benefits of Private School Without the Cost

The DVD program through the ABeka homeschool Academy is perfect for families who want the benefits of attending a Christian school without the cost associated with private schools. Attending a Christian school takes a huge investment of money that many families can not afford.

Some families may find the DVD option a welcome solution, allowing you to continue homeschooling during different seasons of life. The DVD's feature real teachers located at the Pensecola Christian Academy located in Florida, yet allow you the flexibility and benefits of educating your children at home.

Many families love this option because they enjoy the benefits of a private school education without the cost!

College Preparatory Program

You can choose between their fully accredited homeschooling, college preparatory program or their non-accredited program. Both programs include everything you will need to homeschool your children successfully.

A more cost-effective option is to use their popular parent-directed materials by purchasing either a complete curriculum package for an entire grade or course.

Utilizing this option is definitely more affordable and may provide a little more flexibility for you as you tailor your child's education to meet their specific needs.

The Downside

No curriculum, no matter how good, is perfect for everyone. Imagine that! A couple reasons why you may not like ABeka may be the pace and/or the formality of the curriculum.

For first time homeschoolers, ABeka can be a bit overwhelming with weeding through the teachers manuals, workbooks, textbooks and text answer keys for each grade.

Many home school families find ABeka somewhat advanced as it moves rapidly through concepts. I noticed the rapid pace while my daughter was in private school. You may like that. You may not.

The curriculum may move too quick for your child. You may need to slow down a bit, from time to time, and allow your child to fully master new concepts, before moving on.

ABeka Homeschool Reviews

A great way to know if a certain curriculum will work with your family is to learn from the experiences of others. You can find a growing number of ABeka curriculum reviews written by parents who use this curriculum with their children. They share honestly about their experience with this popular curriculum. Reading both negative and postive reviews will give you a well-rounded view of this curriculum.

Find hundreds of non-ABeka product reviews written by homeschooling parents like you! 

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