Abeka Homeschool Program

by Phaedra
(Watauga, Texas, USA)

Abeka Homeschool Program

Abeka Homeschool Program

Certified public school teacher highly recommends Abeka homeschool program; read her review to discover why...

We loved Abeka K4, so we enrolled for K5 (accredited) instead of public school last year. It was even better than K4! We love Mrs. Bere and the curriculum is engaging and flexible as well as being far more comprehensive than public schools are offering, even though we live in an area with an outstanding school system!

We love the way God and science are smoothly reconciled without feeling contrived. We believe in God as well as in science and now we have found a way to pass that on to our kids without the arguments it caused when I was in school myself.

As a certified public school teacher myself, and as the daughter of two public school teachers as well, I can attest that the Abeka homeschool program meets or exceeds anything that is required by the districts in my state for certain. Even from the K4 course, much was expected (intro math skills, science concepts, reading and cursive writing as well as Bible memorization and life skills such as building character and social skills) but my son found it fun as well as demanding.

He has some attention issues, which is why we started him with K4 curriculum and it was the
best decision. I can keep him focused on the video teacher while I prepare supplies for the following lesson which allows for the smooth and quick transitions that are necessary to prevent him from "wandering".

I was concerned that I might be "going easy" on Eddie and that he might not be graded as appropriately as an outside teacher would do... but in the middle of his Kindergarten year, he took his first standardized test, The Stanford, and he ranked in the expected range of second-graders. The results just speak for themselves! A child who could not hold focus through a full length Disney movie developed into a student that scored two grades higher than his age on materials absorbed solely through A Beka Academy.

The Abeka homeschool program is wonderful, self-paced and appropriate for accelerated (which I am certified to teach) or midline students, plus parent involvement allows even challenged learners to keep up. I would highly recommend it!!!

Thanks so much for share your experience with the Abeka video curriculum. Your thoughts are definitely helpful and appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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