ABeka Homeschool Kindergarten Program

by Karyn
(Wesley Chapel)

ABeka Homeschool Review

ABeka Homeschool Review

Highly recommended, ABeka homeschool curriculum provides new and seasoned home educators everything needed for homeschooling kindergarten success...

This is my 1st year homeschooling my Kindergartner and we decided to go with the ABeka homeschool curriculum. We researched several other curriculum, secular and non-secular as well as different types of study. I received lots of recommendations from other parents I'd recently met, and from some friends that were already homeschooling, regarding this.

I found that many parents in my new homeschooling support group had chosen the ABeka homeschool program for their Kindergartner and had been very pleased with it. The child and parent kits include most everything you need, including lesson plans for Reading, Writing and Phonics, and a separate book for Numbers & Skills lesson plans.

We decided to purchase several additional resources, including the Social Studies, Arts & Crafts and the Science book for this age group. We were told by others that ABeka offers a very structured start if you need some guidance or structure in your homeschooling, especially for Preschoolers and Kindergartners. It involves a lot of seatwork, but we are integrating lots of other get up and move activities in between some of the dry stuff.

We also went with the Arts & Craft and Numbers & Skills PreK 4 books for my four year old; she loves her colorful books. We have only just begun with the Kindergarten curriculum, but so far we like it very much. We also bought several of the additional visuals and manipulatives from ABeka and plan to incorporate them into our daily lessons (the lesson plans actually refer to them throughout the book, so it's a good idea to get them or a good substitute for them).

I'll update again once we've used it for a few months...

Have fun!

Karyn, thanks for sharing about the ABeka homeschool Kindergarten program, why you chose it and how it's working for your family. I would love for you to come back and give an update on how your first year of homeschooling with ABeka is going. Wishing you many blessings this year, Heather :)

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