Abeka Homeschool Curriculum Review: PreK-9th Grade

by Kristina
(Swartz Creek, MI)

Homeschooling mom shares why she has used ABeka homeschool curriculum for over eleven years with her two daughters. Read her review...

When my husband and I were looking for curriculum for our two girls we went to a homeschool convention. We were able to look at all the books from all the different vendors and we were able to ask any questions about what each vendor had to offer our children through these books. We chose the Abeka program because it was rated #1 of all curriculums out there. It has been a wonderful Christian based curriculum!

The books are well written and the curriculum is very easy to follow, which is what I was looking for as a parent. I am not a school teacher in any respect of the meaning, but the Abeka program has made it easy for me to teach my children about all the different subjects.

We have used this curriculum for 11 years now starting with Pre-K for 4 year olds on up and are presently in 9th grade. We have used both the video program as well as the book program. The video program is a little pricey but it gives your child an aspect of what a real classroom setting has to offer. Once my children had gone into 8th grade we went back to the book teaching as it is much cheaper than the video program. Plus, I am blessed to have a woman who lives near me who runs her own business selling used curriculum. So, sometimes I am able to get the books at half cost or less. If you too are looking for used curriculum you can check out her website at: edaccents.com

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Kristina, thanks for taking the time to help parents who are deciding what curriculum to use with their children. Your ABeka homeschool curriculum review will be very helpful to others. Blessings, Heather :)

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ABEKA Homeschool Curriculum Success

by Sharon
(South Carolina)

ABEKA Homeschool Curriculum Review

ABEKA Homeschool Curriculum Review

Think you can't homeschool? So did this mom...

I truly have enjoyed using ABEKA homeschool curriculum for the last two years. I have an eleven year old son who has been quite ill and I had to remove him from public school last year.

I say remove because at the beginning I was not sure about homeschooling. I had never done it before and was not so sure I could do it.

I got the textbooks and the workbooks and looked through them. I realized soon that I could do this!

The guide books were easy enough to understand and the courses were challenging enough for my son. All in all, I would choose ABEKA homeschool curriculum again and again.

Hi, Sharon!
Thanks so much for sharing about Abeka and your encouraging story. Homeschooling does seem overwhelming when we first start; many of us are unsure if we can really do it. Your honesty will help others to know that they too, can successfully homeschool their children. To your homeschool success and savings, Heather :)

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ABeka Homeschool Curriculum: Comprehensive and Challenging

by Karen Judy
(Wrightsville, PA, USA)

ABeka Homeschool Curriculum Achievement

ABeka Homeschool Curriculum Achievement

I use ABeka homeschool curriculum and really enjoy this comprehensive curriculum. As a parent, it is laid out well and easy to follow and includes all subjects. My children have been using this curriculum since pre-school, where I was first introduced to it.

ABeka challenges the student but has lots of review to really get the ideas into their memories. The workbooks are well thought out and easy to understand for a group of students or those who work well independently.

My children have tested well on the required standardized testing often testing at a much higher grade equivalency and I credit this to the ABeka homeschool program.

Hi Karen! Thanks for the ABeka homeschool curriculum review; your thoughts are greatly appreciated and helpful. Blessings, Heather :)

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