ABeka Homeschool Curriculum Review: All Courses 6th through 8th Grade

by Carrie

Helpful mom shares some ways to save money on ABeka homeschool curriculum; read her review for all courses 6th through 8th grade!

The ABeka homeschool curriculum is a great one to have. It is designed for parents who want to teach their children the truth about the Bible, God, History, and the difference between Creationism and Evolution. ABeka is a great curriculum if you want your children to successfully achieve a higher standard of learning. My parents used this same curriculum in the 80's and they liked it then as we do now. We have used ABeka for grades 6, 7, 8, and this year grade 10. The thing I like most about it is that it is not difficult to understand. They provide examples and mock lesson plans to review so the parent/teacher gets acquainted with the curriculum before trying to teach their children. Also, this curriculum does not require you to teach your kids as a certified teacher would. That makes it nice.

ABeka homeschool curriculum is a bit pricey, although, compared to other curriculums it is about average in price, with all of the books that you get. It is best if you can go to one of their shows. There they have discounts available to the customer that you don't get if you order online.

Some other cost-cutting tips that I have would be:

(1) If the course you want to buy has an "answer to text questions" book, don't purchase the Teacher Edition book for that course. The Teacher Editions is just the student text, answers to the text questions, and example lesson plans. It really is not
worth the 40+ dollars.

(2) If you can get your electives cheaper through another homeschool company, I would do that. I would only advise, though, that you buy courses from other homeschooling companies if the people you are getting your main subjects from is not accredited or if you are buying it not accredited. If it is accredited, you will want to stay with the same company for all of your subjects and courses.

(3) If your child is highly motivated in school, I would try not purchasing the DVD's that accompany the courses. With the DVD's, the total cost comes to over $1000.00. If you buy just the student and teacher kits, you are looking at about $615. That is a lot less.

Keep in mind, this curriculum provides a lot of work for the student to accomplish. Even though it is homeschool, you still have an incredibly large amount of homework. If you are looking for a curriculum that does not require your child to work for hours on it, then this curriculum is not for you! I hope this helps in others’ endeavors to find the right curriculum for their family!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to help others learn more about ABeka! Your informative ABeka homeschool curriculum review will not only give other parents insight into this popular homeschooling program, but some great ways to cut costs too – thanks for sharing your money-saving tips! Blessings, Heather :)

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Jul 20, 2012
by: Carrie (author of review)

Thank You, Heather, for allowing my review to be posted! Really appreciate it, as I hope other homeschoolers who read this do!
Thanks Again, Carrie

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