Still Using and Loving ABeka Homeschool Curriculum

by Kelly

ABeka Homeschool Happiness!

ABeka Homeschool Happiness!

Do you do the curriculum "switch-a-roo" every year? Find out why this mom switched to and stayed with ABeka homeschool curriculum five years ago....

I have been homeschooling my oldest daughter for five years now. When we first started off in Kindergarten, we were completely new to homeschooling. We didn't know any seasoned homeschooling veterans and we didn't have a clue about which curriculum to choose.

We went to a local homeschool store and found the Alpha Omega Lifepacs. We used the Lifepacs for K and 1st grade, and then I started looking for 2nd grade curriculum. When I opened up the history and science for 2nd grade, I felt that it was way too easy and not informative enough for a seven year old. That's when I found an ABeka homeschool history book for 1st grade and looked through it and loved it!!

In the ABeka 1st grade history they were already talking about America! In the Lifepac, we had only discussed who lives in our community and community helpers. I decided to switch over to ABeka right away, and I also bought that 1st grade history book so we could catch up!

My oldest daughter is going to be starting 5th grade in a few weeks, and we are still using and loving the ABeka Books. I also buy ABeka for my youngest daughter. She liked to sit at the table and "work" with her sister, so we bought the two and three year-old books, and this past year she completed the K4 curriculum. She'll be starting Kindergarten in a few weeks.

We are using ABeka's manuscript books for Kindergarten, because I didn't want to start her off writing cursive. I was glad to see they give you the option of cursive or manuscript.

We're very happy using ABeka. I love how they have Bible Scriptures through out their books, and they constantly mention God, especially in their science books! This year we read an article on Charles Darwin in Science. My daughter got a real kick out of it. She thought it was the silliest thing! When my husband came home from work that evening, she said, "Daddy, today we read about this guy named Darwin . . . and, you won't believe what he thought!!" So she is still learning about what some people believe, but then the book talks about how that is not what Christians believe.

For our family, ABeka homeschool curriculum is a great fit. It comes with a student kit and a parent kit, and it has everything I need - even art! We couldn't be happier, and we feel good knowing that we have this one curriculum to cover all of our bases, so to speak.

Thanks for sharing, Kelly! Don't you just love finding something that's a perfect fit for you and your family? Your review of ABeka homeschool curriculum is sure to help others. Happy homeschooling, Heather :)

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Jul 13, 2010
"Unit Study" approach using K4
by: Mrs. Mamacita in Alaska

I started this brand new homeschooling journey last year when my son was 4 and daughter was 3. I chose Abeka since it was a popular choice with Christian schools, and since I am old, :) I thought it would be best to use the traditional approach in case they would have to go to "school" one day.

My husband and I went to a Materials Display and met a former elementary school teacher who assisted me greatly with what we would need to start our K4 journey. We chose cursive to teach as she explained to us that it can be taught at such early ages. She gave us the history of the education reform that had occurred where manuscript replaced cursive...ball and stick method...and she explained how if you gave a child a pencil, how they naturally make circles instead of straight lines, etc.

I have to tell you that my 3 year old had successfully completed K4 two weeks before turning 4! :) My 4 year old turned 5 midway during the school year and both were writing cursive! It was simply amazing to see them read and write cursive...and it was legible! They were reading one and two vowel words...and could read them in cursive as well as manuscript.

I am an Abeka believer. It is a wonderful curriculum. I will continue to use Abeka Book. :)

Sep 13, 2012
A beka K
by: Teresa

I am new with homeschooling, and I really like the A beka curriculum. The only thing I would like is a sample of lesson plan and calandar from the A beka homeshooling. If ayone would have one for me to look at and to plan and schedule, I would most appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Apr 29, 2014
Abeka Lesson Plan Sample
by: Heather (site owner)

You can find a Abeka Lesson Plan sample here:

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20 Years With ABeka Homeschool Curriculum

by Melanie Lippert
(Cedar Park, Texas USA )

A twenty year ABeka homeschool curriculum veteran shares why she has used this popular homeschooling program for so long. Read her review...

I have been so thankful for ABeka for twenty years of teaching my eight children. We cannot afford the videos, but the texts have been sufficient for us. Reusing them with each child saves us money and time as well, since I already know how to teach it, grade it, and adapt it to each child.

I love to use their reading and literature books as the basis for 2nd-12th grade! The stories are interesting and moral. Their grammar for 2nd-10th is excellent when used at our own pace-two pages a day or less. The history and science courses for K-12th are very thorough and Christ-honoring. I would not trade our ABeka spelling/vocabulary/poetry books for 7th, 9th-12th!

Four of my children have graduated now and all did well on their national college entrance tests. I am certain that ABeka played a major part in that. I am very pleased with the academic excellence that we have achieved by consistently using these texts through the years.

After having to replace a few, in order to preserve our books, the cover edges of each are now taped with good quality wide tape to keep them from tearing, besides also showing our kids the way to treat books properly. The texts last much longer and most are still clean and able to be used again.

Wow, 20 years! What a fabulous ABeka homeschool curriculum testimony, Melanie! Thanks for taking a few moments of your busy life to help other parents learn more about ABeka; your thoughts are so appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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