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by Christy

ABeka Homeschool Curriculum Question

ABeka Homeschool Curriculum Question

Hi I have two daughters ages 8 and 11 who have attended a private school that uses ACE curriculum. They have both been there since K5. This year my 5th grader hit a brick wall in Math it was like she had not even been trained to think, we were going to school each day but have been spending many evenings re-teaching material so we have decided to homeschool next year.

As of now I plan to use the ABeka homeschool curriculum. ACE is behind in their math but my 5th grader knows all of her basics. I feel confident she should do fine. My 3rd grader is just learning multiplication and has not even been introduced to division, so I am worried she will be lost when she starts 4th grade ABeka math.

I guess my question is do I need to try and teach her all the things ABeka has taught in 3rd grade like about dividing and fractions and stuff. OR is ABeka's curriculum going to do a lot of review "teach" and be easy to learn these things as we get to them.

I don't want to hold her back just for that fact but don't want there to be a huge gap she is missing. She is an A student but ACE is like a year or two behind in elementary math so she has just learned adding carrying subtracting borrowing and multiplying. and in 3rd grade ABEKA they have introduced fractions and division. So I am just worried and need some assurance on what to do. So sorry this is long but this is new to us and I want it to start off great in August.

Hi Christy!
From other parents' comments about ABeka and our experience (my daughter used ABeka when she went to a private school for Kindergarten and half of 1st grade), ABeka is more advanced and moves along quickly. Most traditional curriculum or curriculum that can be used in schools, does provide a few weeks of review at the beginning of each year. However, my concern is that if ACE and ABeka are off by a year or two in the elementary grades, the review may not cover everything to give your daughter a solid foundation for success as she progresses through the rest of the course.

Some options for you:
Buy or borrow a used copy of ABeka third grade math curriculum and go through it to see what she does and doesn't know. Pick some questions from the different sections to see how she does.

Check out the ABeka third grade
scope and sequence
– it sounds like you already have.

Another option is to do 3rd grade Abeka math during the summer to get her caught up and ready to start 4th grade math in the fall.

You can find a lot of free math websites with lessons and/or worksheets for extra work. Have her work on all the areas she hasn’t covered with ACE.

You could also use a completely different math program altogether. Many families use different products and curriculum for different subjects. For a few years we used all of AOP's curriculum, but always used another math program. Also, its not uncommon for homeschooling kids to be in different grades for different subjects.

If you think ACE is one year behind ABeka, but don't want to do extra work during the summer to get her caught up, I would just put her in third grade ABeka math. The worst thing is that she whizzes through it and starts 4th grade math after she starts all her other 4th grade subjects. The best thing – she won't be struggling with a math course that is too advanced for her right now.

Getting her caught up just to keep her up with her other courses, may put too much stress on her. If she is struggling already, pressure to get caught up may discourage her.
The beauty of homeschooling is that our kids can be where they need to be without the pressure of feeling "dumb" or the feeling that they aren't where they should be. It's okay if she is behind where Abeka thinks she should be – she will get caught up; it may just take a year or two.

Our family continues to do math, reading and writing during the summer months. Even doing school for an hour or two three times a week will help you to cover lost ground. You will also find that you will most likely skip all the review chapters at the beginning of courses, because your children will never have an opportunity to forget.

Anyway, these are just some of my ideas. Other Abeka parents may post additional advice regarding Abeka from their experience too.

Wishing you much success and blessings in your new homeschooling endeavor!
Heather :)

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