ABeka Home Schooling Academy: Stress-free Home Education

ABeka Home Schooling Academy is a distance learning program for home schooling students in grades K-12 using the ABeka curriculum. 

If you want extra support, need a time-saving homeschooling solution, or maybe you work full-time, but still want to homeschool your children, Abeka Academy may be a perfect solution for you.

When you enroll in the ABeka Academy (aka AA), you can utilize the services you need or can afford. Your child can learn using the traditional parent-led curriculum or use ABeka's curriculum on DVD, or video internet streaming.

Master teachers from Pensacola Bible College teach daily video lessons. You won't have to shoulder the teaching responsibility on your own... and your student will feel like they are apart of a bigger classroom of students.

If your child feels alone in their homeschooling journey, they may really like the DVD/video lessons.

Hassle-free Services

If you choose the accredited option, ABeka issues report cards, progress reports, keeps transcripts of your child's grades, etc., just like a traditional school. If you have the money, these services do help to make homeschooling a little easier.

With the independent study program, you use the DVDs for the school and then return them at the end of the school year. You will also grade all work and keep your own records, but you have more flexibility to tailor the curriculum to your child's needs.

Abeka Home Schooling For Busy Families

ABeka Academy is a perfect option for busy families or for parents who want to home school their children but work full or part-time. With the video curriculum, students can complete their schoolwork with minimal parental involvement.

Although I have never used ABeka Academy, I have friends who have used their DVD program and enjoyed it.

Why Parents Like Abeka Academy

A great way to find out about Abeka home schooling Academy, is to talk to those who use it, or read reviews and testimonials, written by AA users. Below, are a couple helpful testimonials that were submitted to my website to help you learn more about Abeka Academy.

We started homeschooling in 2nd grade. I began using Abeka Academy because my son had used this curriculum in 1st grade at our local Christian school. 

My son is now in the 8th grade. I have been very pleased with the DVD presentations and the work text. We also use extra supplementary books from our local library. I highly recommend Abeka to others. Submitted on Friday, April 1, 2011, by Marilyn, of Greenville, MS.

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