ABeka Home Schooling Science Series Investigating God's World

by Kelley Sawyer
(Pennsylvania, USA)

Kelley's ABeka Home Schooling Review

Kelley's ABeka Home Schooling Review

Challenging, interesting, and engaging, ABeka home schooling science series, "Investigating God’s World", invites students to learn about the world around them and how God is intimately involved in every area of our lives.

I really love ABeka home schooling curriculum because it incorporates education with Christianity. One of the reasons we decided to home school was to be able to educate our children in every area, including religion. We have been home schooling for two years now and using this curriculum for one. We are currently using the 5th grade science book and it is AWESOME!

My son loves to open his science book to see what he can learn next. The way the book is broken into sections it gives him increased learning while also allowing him to investigate some things on his own. It is challenging to him and he loves it. It also is fascinating for him to see how God is involved in every area of our lives. It also opens the door for us to create field trips around the subject matter and therefore makes his overall learning experience even greater. The test taking feature it provides is also very convenient and wonderful for me.

ABeka home schooling books can be quite expensive if you are shopping for a lot of books all at once. They provide package deals; however, I talk to the other home school families in our group. Many of them have older children or know of people with older children and we've purchased many of our books that way. It cuts the cost because in most cases we only need to purchase the associated workbook.

Thank you for allowing me to give this curriculum review.

Kelley, thank YOU for giving insight into the Abeka home schooling science series, "Investigating God’s World"; it's much appreciated. I loved learning specific ways it has benefited your son and how you build other activities around what he's learning to enrich his learning experience. Thanks also for adding some Abeka money-saving tips! Wishing you many blessings as you continue to homeschool your children, Heather :)

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