ABeka Home School Discount and Savings

If you love ABeka home school curriculum, then you'll want to take advantage of the discounts and savings they offer during the year.

ABeka currently offers three promotions on their curriculum and curriculum packages:

*Receive 10% off K4-6 parent/child kits.
*Receive a 5% discount on grades 1-6 subject kits.
*Receive FREE shipping at area "Material Displays".

ABeka usually increases their curriculum discount during the Spring convention/buying season.

ABeka Convention Savings

If you purchase ABeka materials at a convention or an ABeka materials display, you will receive a 10% discount off your order (includes reduced full grade and subject kits) AND FREE shipping. (Regular shipping charges are 12%, so this is some great additional savings!)

Money-saving Payment Option

ABeka also added a payment option last year called FlexPay. When you order $125 (before discounts and tax), you have the option to pay a small payment and then pay the remainder of your balance in two equal payments without a finance charge. Once you complete your payments, you will receive your materials.

This payment option was available from March - May, when you ordered at a convention or area material display. You can check ABeka's website for complete details and to find out what conventions they will be attending this year, as well as locations for their material displays. Hopefully, they will continue to offer their budget-friendly FlexPay option.

Material Display Discount

Material displays are usually located at area hotels in conference rooms or online. ABeka representatives host the meetings, give an overview of the curriculum, answer questions and take orders. (You will also receive the 10% discount and free shipping promotion when ordering at an area display.) Attending a physical display is a great way to look at samples, find out more about ABeka curriculum, and save money.

Is ABeka Right for You?

Learn more about ABeka homeschooling options, ABeka curriculum, ABeka's Academy, or read A Beka reviews to find out if this Christian curriculum is right for you.

Have You Used ABeka?

If you are currently using ABeka materials, or have used them in the past, share your experience to help others. As a thank-you... when you submit an ABeka product review; you'll get something for you!

ABeka Academy Discounts

Learn about special savings on when you enroll in the ABeka's homeschooling academy.

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