An Abeka Homeschool Spelling Complaint

by Heidi Robinson

I am writing about Abeka homeschool spelling curriculum after hearing many homeschooling moms talk about it and because of my experience.

My mom used strictly Abeka when I was growing up. We used the Abeka spelling as well. I hated it! It was basically just one small page of written work then the rest of the week you were to write out each word. Then at the end of the week take a test on them.

I looked into it when I began homeschooling the second and third grade to see if my memory was wrong or if it had changed and it had not. It is affordable but I decided for my sons they needed a more detailed spelling program.

I did use Abeka for first and third grade this last year in Math, Language and reading. I do see that they tend to put the spelling rules into the lower grade curriculum really well. I didn't even get a spelling book for my first grader but had him just use the Letters and Sounds and Phonics from the Abeka. He is reading very well now on his own. I am pleased with that!

I am guessing that that is why they don't have more of an extensive spelling program.

So far I have yet to meet a homeschooling mom who has used the Abeka spelling books and liked them. I wish Abeka would work on that!

Heidi, thanks so much for taking the time to share what you don't like about the Abeka homeschool spelling curriculum. Knowing the good as well as the downfalls of a particular curriculum helps others make a more informed purchase. Hopefully Abeka will see your review and make necessary changes for the future! :) Blessings, Heather

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Stress-free ABeka History Tips

by Shannon
(Cottage Grove, WI)

Stress-free ABeka Homeschool History

Stress-free ABeka Homeschool History

Reduce stress and expense with some ABeka homeschool tips. Homeschooling mom shares why she loves ABeka's history and how it benefits her family.

Our family has used ABeka to learn History from the beginning. We have found it to be extremely flexible regarding teaching/learning styles and budget.

The history texts are openly pro-America and celebrate our Christian foundation and heritage while not neglecting to mention mistakes and their ensuing consequences. Rather than condemning the people and our nation, the texts teach valuable lessons, encouraging the students not to make the same poor choices in the future. Quite refreshing these days!

In the early years, children are taught the basics of "Who's Who" in American History. As the students get older, much of the same material is repeated, but with much more added depth. In middle school, students become more exposed to world history, beginning in the Fertile Crescent and progressing through today. God's redemptive plan for mankind is explored throughout all the cultures that are taught.

I love the way the chapters are divided, with a series of questions after every few pages of material, providing a natural 'daily assignment'. There are chapter reviews to help solidify the material.

The only reservation I have with ABeka is the amount of material available. It can be extremely overwhelming to someone just starting to see the text, teacher guide, map book, test/quiz book, answer key, etc. (Not to mention expensive!!) We have greatly reduced stress and expense by purchasing only the student text for each grade level. The material is presented in such a way that parents can make their own tests if they so desire, use the chapter reviews, or simply forgo the testing process altogether :).

Great review and very helpful tips... thanks, Shannon!

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ABeka Homeschool Curriculum for 4th Grade

by Peggy Brister
(Vicksburg, MS USA)

ABeka Homeschool Review

ABeka Homeschool Review

Affordable, easy-to-use, all-encompassing are just some of the reasons why this home educator loves 4th Grade ABeka homeschool curriculum. Read her review to learn more...

Why do you like this curriculum/course?
I like ABeka homeschool curriculum because it is a complete curriculum. It has every subject, and lesson plans for doing every subject every day.

How long have you used it?
This go around it is my 2nd time using it.

What grades did you use it for?
I have two kids and I use the 4th grade curriculum for both, because the younger child is gifted and has been bumped up a grade.

What do you like most about it?
I like the ease of use for the parent. Even if you have never taught before and are afraid you won't know how to do it, it gives you exactly what you need to be able to teach. It gives you things to do on the board, extra activities for extra practice on a subject and tells you what pages in each book to do for the day.

Is it affordable? Why?
It is the most affordable curriculum I found. It is a complete "boxed" curriculum, and it is sold for $200 for the child kit and $270 for the parent kit. Considering I have two kids to buy for, it cost me less than $800 for the whole year.

Do you have any cost-cutting tips, etc. to share when using this curriculum?
A cost cutting tip would be to just buy part of the curriculum, just the books you want, as opposed to the whole curriculum. They sell each component of the curriculum individually.

Peggy, thanks for your ABeka homeschool curriculum review. I appreciate the fact that you are a repeat user; it says a lot about ABeka - they publish quality products that customers love! Happy homeschooling, Heather :)

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Abeka Homeschool Curriculum Review: Pros and Cons

by Kari

New homeschooling mom share some Abeka homeschool curriculum pros and cons. Read her helpful review to decide if this curriculum is right for you...

Before starting to homeschool I did my homework. I went with the Abeka homeschool curriculum because it seemed to be one of the more widely used curriculums available. There are several things I like about it as well as several things I would change.

I like that it has very structured lesson plans. The teacher's manual provides you with a detailed schedule that is easy to follow. Another reason I purchased this curriculum is because it is accelerated. Some say the first grade material is comparable to public school second grade. I wanted my son to be challenged.

However this is also why it hasn't worked out for us. The amount of material to cover in one year is somewhat overwhelming, both for parent and student. It is also very textbook/workbook based. My son finds it stressful and frustrating, but he is only six.

I think this approach and curriculum would be great for older kids...maybe third or fourth grade and up. Also Abeka is quite expensive in comparison. We will try something else that is still challenging for him yet also incorporates some fun in the learning.

Excellent review of Abeka homeschool curriculum, Kari! I love that you included both the pros and cons of this curriculum even though it wasn't a perfect fit for your son at this time. Your thoughts will be very helpful to others; thanks for the taking the time to share. Blessings, Heather :)

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