ABeka Academy Video Streaming

by Janeen
(Lakewood, CO)

Reluctant mom (and former Christian school teacher) used ABeka Academy video streaming for K4 and Grade 1; read her very informative review...

It's been 25 years since I graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education. Little did I know that at this late stage in life, I would be homeschooling my own early elementary children.

Having become disillusioned with all things PCC, when it came time to choose a curriculum I steered clear of ABeka. I tried several popular programs for preschool and kindergarten some of which were free and some of which were quite costly. In the end, I found them all lacking in one area or another. Additionally, my strong-willed daughter resisted my best efforts (remember, I was trained in this!) at disciplining her to a homeschool schedule.

At last my husband and I were forced to decide between sending her to public or Christian school. Public school wasn't really an option for us, and we knew it. But the costs of Christian education astounded us! They must be paying Christian school teachers a lot more than they did in 1988! Yet in my mind, there was still one more option.

I approached my husband with the idea of enrolling our now first grader and our 4-year-old in ABeka Academy, ABeka's online video homeschool. We decided to give homeschooling one last try for a year. If it failed, we would have to send our kids to public school.

We enrolled the girls in K4 with Mrs. Wasser and 1st grade with Miss Wheeler. When I received our materials, I read through everything, set up my system, got a small table and chairs for the girls, and started playing the videos. At first I sat through each one with them, participating as if I were a student. I rewarded them for good behavior, and fought through the unavoidable resistance to this more structured method of learning. It was hard, I won't kid you. Some days I didn't know how we would make it through, but this was my last shot.

Mrs. Wheeler is a model teacher. I learned so very much from
her (and I had taught ABeka 1st grade in a Christian school)! She was inspiring, frankly, and I was sure to let my daughter know how blessed she was to have such an excellent video teacher.

Mrs. Wasser left much to be desired, but it took my 4-year-old (who turned 5 in November) quite a while to see it that way. She loved her teacher in spite of her forgetting words to poems and songs, failing to prepare VA's properly before class, and pronouncing the short sound of A with a distinct accent then correcting the children when they copied her. Thankfully, I understand ABeka Academy is reworking the K4 program, hopefully with a new teacher.

We got through lesson 140 or so before the girls were completely tired of the video program. From that point on, I used the materials we had to teach them myself, even if it meant I had to view the videos myself to get the lesson plans.

Now in July, we have already begun K5 and second grade. We are using the ABeka homeschool system now without the videos. The girls like having the VA's they can touch and manipulate. They enjoy having me teach them and the freedom that provides. But had we not done ABeka Academy last year, I doubt we would still be homeschooling.

I recommend ABeka Academy to new Christian homeschooling families of all ages, even if it serves only to transition you into a more comprehensive homeschool program later, as it did for us. I have a feeling we will be dedicated ABeka homeschoolers for a very long time.

Thanks so much for the insightful Abeka Academy video streaming review; your thoughts will be very helpful to other parents who are considering Abeka Academy, or are questioning whether or not they can homeschool. I appreciate the time you took to help others! Blessings, Heather :)

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Jul 16, 2013
For small kids it's a challenge ... but
by: Nita

I've read these boards and when parents say kids don't like this or that about watching DVD's or too much work I smile. No kid likes doing work most of the time. If mine did, I wouldn't be homeschooling them because if they had stayed in public and private school they would be doing a full school day of 6 to 7 hours + 1 hour or homework (in private school) and 2 hours of me trying to actually teach them what they missed in public school. However, I have been rather pleased with the DVDs because my kids who were in public and private school like the control they have to rewind, re-listen or fast forward. Now to get them to do it, I do participate in the class with my 4th grader. My 7th grader, I have take notes which keeps her engaged. If I ever have to put them back in public/private school they have to get used to the fact that there is order and they have to do things they don't like. But since your kids are so young, I thing the DVDs would be extremely difficult. I personally wouldn't recommend using them if you have the time to work through the Abeka materials/curriculum without them.

Aug 01, 2013
by: Gina

I taught in a private school using ABeka and I now homeschool my son using ABeka. I utilize the DVD's to enhance what I am teaching him and we use the DVD's as a review tool for tests. He can skip through what he doesn't need and rewind to review things as many times as he needs for things that are more difficult for him. We love ABeka!

Aug 01, 2013
Re: ABeka DVD
by: Heather (site owner)

Thanks for sharing some helpful ABeka DVD tips, Gina! :)

Aug 23, 2013
by: Jeanne Jordan

Although the teaching methods and curriculum is great, it's hard to get past the 80's hair style and dress Mrs. Bere is wearing. Simply depressing. Could''t these classes have been updated with current classes and teachers. Too bad we already bought them.

Aug 24, 2013
Out-dated Attire
by: Heather (site owner)

Hi Jeanne,
Thank you so much for posting your comment! I agree, companies, like Abeka, should make an effort to update their products on a regular basis... at least once per decade! :)

I understand it is costly - both in time and money to film a year's worth of classes. However, in the long run, you'll have more satisfied customers who stick with your program, instead of viewing your materials as outdated and potentially moving onto to another publisher, product, or program.

Your thoughts are appreciated!

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