Abeka Academy K5 (Video Streaming)

by Tiffany
(Smiths, AL, USA)

Mom of 5yo uses Abeka Academy and loves it; find out why...

I love the Abeka homeschool curriculum. My daughter loves it too. She was excited about starting school and couldn't wait to start back even before summer break ended. We did the Abeka independent study for K4 then the accredited program for K5 (which we are currently doing). When I first started thinking about homeschooling my children, I was afraid and intimidated by the thought of me having to do the teaching. Although I knew the curriculum gave you all you needed, I couldn't imagine doing it myself. So I wrestled with the decision of whether to homeschool or not.

I started to research my options and came across the video streaming alternative. I was relieved and excited to know that it was available. I checked out other curriculum that had video streaming, but I liked that Abeka's videos were in a classroom setting. I find that it helps my child be attentive when other children answer when they are asked questions, because it helps her to learn from them whether they get it right or wrong. The videos are a bit dated (Clinton was president), but the teaching is up-to-date and it gets the job done. You really have to know your children to see if this kind of thing suits them well. You also have to know yourself: are you patient enough with doing all the teaching yourself? I knew I wasn't. To be honest, when first starting out I still struggled with patience, but soon realized that my daughter was learning at her own pace. By God's grace I am able to help her along the way.

Another thing I love is that they have bible time. If you do the accredited program, all Bible work has to be complete before you can get
a grade for other work done. The accredited program helps keep me on track. You can't work ahead (trying to complete 2 lessons in 1 day or skip ahead). With the independent study you have more freedom in the way you want to work it.

You grade papers and send your child’s work in every 6 week period and receive a progress report after their work is reviewed. Completed work has to be sent in to the Abeka Christian Academy within 2 weeks of completing all work. There is a fee if you don't, so I just make sure I have it sent in on time. Pre-addressed envelopes are provided to send work in. Some work is oral and record by telephone message. You get all the materials you need for each day’s lessons, and are given precise instructions. For activities and art you are told everything you will need and some materials. My daughter is 5 soon 6 and can pretty much do her school work independently. Of course I make sure she is paying attention, she is 5 so she gets distracted sometimes.

Video streaming is $445 (K5) $225(K4), it's cheaper than the DVD option. Prices go up 1-6 grade then again 7-12. I didn't buy any additional materials. They give you all you need, but you have the option to purchase additional teaching aids. I think what they give is sufficient and for me and cost effective. With all that being said it's great for us, but you have to find what works best for your family. Things may change when my other little ones are school age, but for now I’ll be using Abeka Christian Academy.
P.S. It's important to have good internet connection.

Thanks for the in-depth Abeka Academy K5 review! I enjoyed reading it - I'm sure others will as well! Blessings, Michaela

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