Abeka Academy Homeschool Question

by Steele Miles
(Weatherford Texas )

Hi my name is Steele and I have a question. I'm 19 years old and my aunt is my current guardian for my abeka academy account. I was wondering if I were to move in with my sister who is 20 and he husband is 22 or so. Could she or her husband be my guardian on the account if I can change accounts? Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

Hi Steele,
I would contact Abeka directly, but I did find some information that may help you. According to the Abeka Academy Agreement for high school, "If Legal Guardian is not father or mother legal documentation of guardianship may be required before enrollment is processed." You probably can change your guardian, but you would need to submit legal documentation to do this. Contact Abeka though, they will give you the correct answer for your situation.

You can contact them at abekaacademy.org or 1-800-874-3592.
Heather :)

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