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by Crystal C.

Looking for a fun online homeschool curriculum for preschool or kindergarten? Read this informative review...

For our prek age boy, we try to keep homeschool learning light, fun and engaging. We've done small lapbooks, totbooks, and little workbooks, but nothing makes him happier than ABC Mouse (well, other than a nature walk.)

We've been using ABC Mouse since February. It has activities that cover pretty much a full curriculum for toddlers all the way up to kindergarten. There's a toddler level which our son has completed, two preschool levels, and two for kindergarten. It covers math, science, reading, phonics, and more. There is a main parent account and up to four children can be added. It tracks each child's progress.

There are no links to other sites and you can set it up full screen and even "mask" activities so your child has to finish his lesson if he tends to just want to play games. There are tons of stories, songs, games, puzzles, and other activities. The lessons themselves are done in a lesson path. For example, at first the toddler level had only 3 lessons on the path. As it goes along, this increases to 4, then 5. All of the paths are in different environments the child can learn about. The lessons may be a song about a letter, a book that is read to the child that he can follow along with, a puzzle that you can change the difficulty level of, or a game that can be surprisingly challenging. To help reinforce concepts, there are printables that go along with the lesson or that can be printed out as designed.

Parents have total control and if you find that a level is too easy you can simply move your child up. To help keep things fun, the child can choose from tons of
games and other activities that are not part of the days lessons. They have their own avatar, and have a fish tank and hamster cage. A ticket system is used to reward them for completing lessons - harder puzzles give more tickets for example. Then head to the store and the child can buy a couple more hamsters, different fish, hamster cage setups, things for the fish tank, or even things for their virtual room or backyard. They can change their avatar and its clothes, and get to learn fun facts about their fish and hamsters while caring for them. Awards are also given at the end of each of the little lesson paths.

There's also a zoo and farm where kids can learn about different animals. There's printables, coloring pages, puzzles, games, and stories. I'm not sure we've even found everything on the site yet!

It's very affordable for us. It costs $7.99 a month. There are also options to buy a full year for $79. Sometimes there are promotions to buy 2 years worth of access. You can also enjoy a free 30 day trial of the site to see if it would work for your family. It's been perfect for our son - right at his level for most things and a bit more challenging in other areas. He just keeps trying because he wants those prizes!

I LOVE your review; thanks for such a well-written and informative post! Other parents will definitely find your thoughts helpful. I appreciate the time you took to help others by giving them an inside look at this online homeschool curriculum and how it has worked for you and your son. Blessings, Heather :) Homeschool Savings
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