A2 Curriculum Review

by keara
(Middleville, MI USA)

Check out this A2 Curriculum review to learn about an affordable homeschooling program your WHOLE family can use.

I really love A2 (Accelerated Squared) because it's a "Back to the basics" curriculum. The man who created it was a strong Christian and allows for God to be the center of our educational experience. I also love that the main focus is reading, writing, and arithmetic and it takes the "filler" and "Junk" out of my child's school day. We focus on what is important and my child learns about a large array of subjects simply through reading stories about them.

We've been using A2 for Kindergarten, for almost a year now. It is extremely affordable and what I loved most is that it can be used for ALL of my children. It's ONE curriculum for all grades and levels for only $100. The curriculum allows you to download the books to your computer but personally, I prefer to have hard copies so that my children can be acquainted with reading from actual books rather than a computer screen. I used Kinko's to do my printing for the small print jobs (activity cards). For the actual books, instead of printing them, I just ordered them used through Amazon.

Thanks for sharing
your experience with A2 Curriculum - what a perfect homeschool option for thrifty families looking for an affordable, yet quality homeschooling program! Blessings, Heather :)

If you are unfamiliar with A2 Curriculum...

A2 stands for Accelerated Achievement. This homeschooling curriculum was developed by homeschooling dad and research engineer, Paul R. Stone. A2 Curriculum comes on one disk and contains over 800 books, as well as a math worksheet generator, phonics program, and more that you can use from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Similar to the Robinson Curriculum, A2 Curriculum is a self-teaching program, which eliminates the need for you to continually teach daily lessons to your children. Although I have never used A2, our family has used Robinson Curriculum in the past. A huge difference between the two programs - RC comes on 22 cd's with less material, A2 comes on one, and after looking at it more deeply, it includes so much more! My youngest was just learning how to read at the time, but something I really like about Robinson Curriculum, that is true for A2, is the reading selections, especially for young children. You will find a number of one-word syllable books that are perfect for young readers.

You can learn more about A2 Curriculum by watching the following video:

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