A Wonderful Homeschooling Success Story

by Cynthia

Homeschooling Success Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Homeschooling Success Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Think you can't homeschool? Think again! Fifty-four year-old Mom of a former "drug-addicted baby" shares why she chose homeschooling over public school. Read her wonderful homeschool success story...

This little girl came to me, at the age of seven months old, with complications of being fed drugs in utero. She has had a long trying road to what some call a "normal" life. She has had social and emotional problems that have torn our world in two. In all of this, I have relearned the meaning of love.

She started out in home schooling and it just was too much for her and we just could not get it together to learn together. She was slow to catch on, I was impatient for all of it and the teaching thing was confusing for me so in the middle of her second school year I sent her back to public school.

With much dismay it was an awful year. She wanted friends and because she was not in school from the beginning the children in her class had already bonded with their friends, leaving her friendless. She was angry as she thought it was an automatic thing that you acquire friends. Every day was filled with tears after she returned home from school, leaving her feeling hopeless.

Again the school year started for third grade, back in public school, it has been another terrible start to the year. I've decided I’m enrolling her in Connections Academy and she is excited to be "home and safe", as she says.

Even though the she no longer receives any counseling nor is on any meds, the teachers have also labeled her the child with issues. I have heard that from them over and over again. So I have made my mind up that no matter how hard it is to teach her, we will learn together to make her world something special.

She will learn more than math and social studies, she will learn survival skills. Skills like cooking, sewing, wildlife, conservation, gardening, human concerns, going to soup kitchens and helping others, make her feel life's worth living. I no longer have to hear her cry over children calling her names and bullies picking on her and hitting her... it's just enough.

Public school has forgotten spirituality, which is also a reason I want her with me so that she remembers her Maker. The term, "I pledge the allegiance to the flag" was almost questioned of its place in public school. I can no longer just send her off everyday and hope she learns what she needs to learn. I need to know it for a fact. And glory to Heaven, no head lice scares and hepatitis. God Bless all who homeschool.

Thank you for sharing your homeschool success story, Cynthia. What a wonderful testimony of a mother's sacrificial love!

I love this sentence: "So I have made my mind up that no matter how hard it is to teach her, we will learn together to make her world something special." If you ever get discouraged, will you come back for some encouragement to keep on, keeping on? Please keep us updated with the progress of your daughter too!

May God richly bless you as you sacrifice your time to give your daughter all that she needs to succeed, and live life to the fullest. Have fun learning and growing together, Heather :)

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Jun 20, 2010
Love It!
by: Homeschooling is the Best Choice for us!

Thank-You for your encouragement! I love your commitment to make up your mind to help your daughter. After homeschooling for two years, we decided this past year to put our kids back into public school. Outcome: Both kids complained about the homework, the rigid classroom, lack of fun, lack of freedom to be themselves, can't snack all day, long hours of school, getting up too early, mean classmates making fun or my child's appearance, no time to play after school, have to go to bed early, comparing themselves to other classmates with cooler toys, 5th grader wants cool toys too like a cell phone, learned bad words, learned about sex thru a friend (so we had to do control damage and told him our family's Biblical value on sex, we did not think he would be exposed to it that soon, in 5th grade), becoming negative, forming worldly attitude, and is embarassed by me showing him affection in front of his peers. Our conclusion, our kids will be homeschooled again! Public Education may have been very good at one time, perhaps in the early 20 century and before. But 21st century public education is very Lacking! I admit that there are still some very wonderful and gifted teachers in the system. However, they're pressured to conform to the system. And with the recession and budget cuts, teachers with jobs do conform. And with the economy that it is, job cuts = less teachers + more stress teachers + more unhappy teachers + more kids in classroom to teach + less quality all around + more behavior problems + more bullying and etc.. Therefore, homeschooling is the best way.

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