A+ Tutorsoft 3rd Grade Math Review

by a 9yo and her mom

A+ Tutorsoft 3rd Grade Math Review

A+ Tutorsoft 3rd Grade Math Review

Out of the mouths of babes... 9yo shares her "expert" opinion; read her 3rd grade math review to learn more about A+ Tutorsoft homeschool math software...

Overall, my daughter thought A+ Tutorsoft 3rd Grade math software was an excellent homeschool math program. When I (Heather - owner of homeschoolsavings.com) received our free review copy, I figured the ONLY way I would really know if kids liked this program, was to enlist the help of my 9yo. Although Math isn't her favorite subject at the moment, she willingly agreed to do some extra math for her loving (and grateful) mom! :)

I'm sure you know that no matter how much you like a certain curriculum or product, if it doesn't "fly" with your child, you may end up wasting your money.

Anyway, she is in 4th grade and is currently doing math via a textbook and notebook. After she completed a quite a few lessons with A+ Tutorsoft, I asked her if she would share her thoughts so that you could learn more about this program from a student's perspective. Below are her comments...
"I would get my math done much quicker with this program because it seems like you don't have as many questions to work on after each lesson". She also said, "My mom doesn't need to sit down with me, I can do my work on my own. I can also go back to the lesson if I don't understand it. My mom doesn't have to read the lesson to me."

About the videos, she said,
"They show you the lessons instead of reading them yourself. The lessons are interesting and they show you exactly how they got the answer. Also, this program is not like a real tutor (a person) that can get frustrated with you if you don't understand something."

As far as the multi-media part of the program, my daughter didn't care for the voice recording; she found it a bit bothersome. The recording sounded a little muffled with certain letter sounds, but it didn't irritate her enough to not want to use the program.

Mr Agrawal, the creator of A+ Tutorsoft, said he will look into this issue. I appreciate that about A+ Tutorsoft,
they truly appreciate our feedback, so they can continually improve their program.

For some reason she likes the thought that with this program:
"You can do your math in the car!"

Although our family isn't on the road much during the day, she is right, you could easily do lessons in the car! :)

She had one negative comment about the interactive quizzes.
"For the chapter test questions, if you get the answer wrong, they give you the answer (show the solution) before you can figure it out again."

She suggested that A+ Tutorsoft allow the student to go back and retry the question before finding out the answer.

She's a smart kid; A+ Tutorsoft already changed that in their latest release!

Lastly, she said,
"The only thing confusing about the math program was that the lessons were mixed up a little bit to me. It doesn't give you the worksheet at the end (of the lesson), you have to look for it in the worksheet area. The worksheets for the lessons were hard to find."

As far as the difficulty finding worksheets, let me clarify... Finding the correct worksheet was a little confusing. You have to remember the title of the lesson you are on, to find it in the Worksheets section. It may have been a bit more helpful to name the worksheets with the same numbering system as the lessons.

Again, the A+ Tutorsoft team is willing to change the numbering system in future releases to make it easier for parents to navigate the software quicker.

Overall, my daughter really liked this program. She thought other kids would like this program too, and that "parents would enjoy having a little extra time to do something they liked, instead of teaching math lessons everyday". ---> Her words, not mine! :)

A special thank-you to my 9yo for taking the time to help with other homeschooling parents by sharing her A+ Tutorsoft 3rd Grade Math review; we appreciate you! Blessings, Mom :)

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Feb 09, 2012
A+ Tutorsoft Listened!
by: Heather

I received the following email from A+ Tutorsoft today!
"Hello Heather,

I talked to my tech team to make it easy to find the worksheets for each lesson and we have decided to do it. It will be available in our next release. Basically, you will see a "Print Worksheet" button for each Multimedia Lesson and can simply click on it to open the worksheet as pdf at any time while you are in the lesson or at the end of the lesson.

Thank you for your feedback. This will make it easier for homeschoolers to locate and print appropriate worksheet for each lesson as you suggested."

Kids speak. Companies listen!
Thanks A+ Tutorsoft! :)

Sep 15, 2015
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