3rd Grade Florida Homeschool Help

by Korie Green
(Lakeland, fl)

Mom of struggling student needs 3rd grade Florida homeschool help and guidance; read her story...

Hello. I am seriously thinking of taking my third grader out of her charter school she is in now. I have found that she is really behind, and don't know how she even passed the second grade. Her self esteem is being effected also. She is challenged with Math, Reading, Comprehension , and her spelling is horrible. Last year I worked full time and had a episode of cancer this summer and start of school year. This is how she slipped through the cracks and a 2nd grade teacher who was not informative. I no longer work so I have the time to spend with her. It seems as a gamble to see if she will pass or not. She has 3 short tutor sessions at school and I work with her some at home. My heart goes both ways. Hoping you have some guiding words.
Thank you,
K. Green

Hi Korie,

Thanks so much for sharing your story; my heart goes out to you! What a difficult time you have gone through, but what a blessing to be able to use the extra time you now have to spend with your daughter! I guarantee that you will never regret homeschooling her.

Homeschool laws in Florida are similar to the homeschooling laws for my state (NH). Although you do not need to have a college degree or be a certified teacher, you will need to fulfill some requirements to homeschool legally in Florida:

1. Submit a notice of intent to the superintendent.

2. Keep a portfolio of your daughter's work.

3. Submit to the superintendent, a yearly educational evaluation of your student's progress.

You may already have done this, but if you haven't, I would find out the reason/s why your daughter is behind. Talk to your daughter and ask her questions about her classroom experience from last year. Did she not understand the material? Did the teacher move onto new concepts too fast? Were there too many classroom distractions for her?

We took our oldest out of private school for a number of reasons; one being, she wasn't completing her work in class. We were paying for private school, but every night, I was spending a couple hours with her completing the work she didn't finish that day. Some of it was because the curriculum moved quickly through new concepts, and the teacher had to move on even though the class didn't grasp the material. (The teacher would send notes home notifying us that although the class hadn't mastered a certain concept, she had to move on to in the curriculum. She asked parents to work ) The other reason was my daughter was very social, yet very distractible. She was more interested in the "who and what" of the classroom, and not on her schoolwork. I also had a talk with her teacher on the day we removed her; her feedback gave me additional insight into the situation, my daughter's needs, and the direction I needed to take.

Your daughter may have a learning disability; although, she may not. You can have her tested... perhaps you already know if she does.

In either case, there are many curriculum options available for you to choose from. Your daughter's struggles may be that the teaching method the teacher used wasn't a good fit for your daughter's learning style .

I would encourage you to find out her learning style; knowing how your daughter learns will help you choose the best curriculum for her. You can read more here.

From my experience, children who are struggling in school enjoy a more non-traditional, hands-on homeschooling environment. Unit studies are a great way to learn; all subjects are interwoven under one main theme, so that learning isn't so disjointed or unrelated. You can adapt almost any curriculum to meet the learning needs of your daughter, though.

You can also choose different curriculum for each subject. Your daughter may need a spelling curriculum that is specifically designed for students that struggle with spelling.

Check out:

Spelling Power

All About Spelling

Sequential Spelling

Spelling Workout

Spell to Read and Write

Susan Barton Reading and Spelling Review

My third daughter was a reluctant reader; we used an all-in-one language arts program for grades 1-4 called "Learning Language Arts Through Literature". Personally, I like to group subjects together as much as possible, to save some time. However, if your daughter is really struggling with reading and spelling, etc. finding individual programs may be a better idea.

I have used/am using Saxon homeschool math curriculum with all my children in grades 1-3. I really like how the curriculum introduces concepts, and reviews them continually. Each grade does a broad review of the previous grade, before introducing new skills. This curriculum is teacher intensive, but I believe it's time very well spent. Since your daughter is struggling, you will not want to skip any elements of the daily lesson, should you choose this program. Each day, you practice skip counting, math facts, time, money, weather, patterns, etc. before beginning the actual lesson. Lessons are written out with everything you need to say... it makes explaining confusing math concepts, so easy. Each grade comes with a Teacher's Guide, 2 workbooks (part 1&2) with two work sheets for each lesson, assessments, math fact cards, etc.

Of course, there are other third grade homeschooling math programs you can use; I've listed some popular ones below. I have also included a link to one of many reviews homeschooling parents have submitted to my site. To easily find more reviews, just type the name of the curriculum into the search box the HomeschoolSavings.com home page.

Singapore Math

Life of Fred

Horizon Math

A+ Interactive Math Software

Teaching Textbooks


I hope this helps you in deciding whether or not to homeschool your 3rd grade daughter, as well as provides some direction for you. If you have any other 3rd grade Florida homeschool questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

Heather :)

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