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Welcome to Homeschool Curriculum Savings - a growing website of information, tips and ideas to help you save time AND money on homeschooling! Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned home educator, you will find support and encouragement for your journey.

As the homeschool movement grows and educational resources increase, deciding what products to use can be difficult.

With so many choices, which products are best for you and your family?

Eliminate wasted time, money and frustration when choosing the perfect materials for your family.

Previously, only a few products, prepackaged curriculum and resources were available to homeschooling families.

Now there is a wealth of educational materials, products and services designed specifically for your homeschool family, your children's needs and your budget!

I personally love the increased choices and opportunities but with increased choices, come increased decisions and questions.

  • What homeschool curriculum is best for my child or family?
  • How can I afford it?
  • Where can I find affordable educational products that fit within my budget?
  • How can I homeschool, tend to the needs of my family, and get everything else done?

Thousands of concerned parents, just like you, ask the very same questions. As a busy parent, your time is valuable – you have none to waste.

Finding solutions must be easy.

You also need to spend your money wisely. Most homeschooling families live on one income, so saving money is important!

  • Worried about living on one income?
  • Or wondering how to homeschool while working?
  • Are you thinking about homeschooling but aren’t sure whether you could ever do it?

You are not alone in your uncertainty! Many parents feel the same way when first considering educating their children at home.

"Heather, I really do appreciate the PEAH site and find all of the information so helpful and informative. It makes me feel a little less alone in this experience." Patti, Home Educator, NJ 

"Heather, Thank you so much for this information! I was feeling so lost! I can't tell you how much you have helped me!" Lori, Home Educator, GA

Although many questions are the same, the answers are different for everyone.

We are unique. Each family is different. What works for me, may not work for you, but with a few tips and a little guidance, you will find answers.

Take some time to explore my website as I share with you from my personal experience as a homeschooling parent and group leader.

  • Discover ways to save time and money.
  • Learn how to home school better, more efficiently and affordably.
  • Find great homeschool curriculum and resources that are perfect for you and your family so...

You can achieve homeschool success! 

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